Monday, July 21, 2008

Rule V Draft

HTSSN - The Rule V Draft has been held with 28 pitchers, 1 catcher, 1 1B, 1 2B, 1 3B, 7 SS, 4 LF, 2 CF, 2 RF and 2 DH being selected. Little Rock, Richmond and Washington drafted the most players as a way to rebuild the organizations. Most of the players were overjoyed at the fact they get to play at the ML level, but some were not as happy because they have to move and play for another team and make the roster of course.

Here is a look at the first round:

1. Blake Brock was made the first selection by the Seattle Rain Drops. He has great stuff but glasses didn't help B-Rock as the LV mascot will tell ya.

2. Edgard Aguilera was selected by the
Washington D.C. Senators. He may win a SP role with a good spring.

3. Ricardo Vallarta was selected by the Florida Strom. Book is hiding somewhere on this kid.

4. Fausto Peron was selected by the
Little Rock Patriots. Will be used as a DH and backup catcher although he has a lot to learn.

5. Juan Martin selected by the
Toronto FivTs. Jaun is a merecatcher, has power at the plate and quality behind it, just lacking enough not to be a superstar.

6. Terrence Medina selected by the
Santa Cruz Pumas. May have a bumpy ride this year but look out next year.

7. Chuck Farley selected by the
Pittsburgh Punks. Very weak to play 2B, but could be destined for LF.

8. Oleg Erdos selected by the
Texas Chili. Oleg will be a good hitter, probably destined to play 3B instead of 2B if he stays off the DL.

9. Willie Carrasco selected by the
Richmond Cavaliers. A right handed power hitter that will picnic either at 1B or LF.

10. Eddie Jensen selected by the
Cheyenne Sandors. Book is still out as to whether he will stick at the ML level.

11. Moises Romero selected by the
Oklahoma City Cowpunchers. Can play the position very well, could be a little frustrated at the plate.

12. Bosco Merritt selected by the
Colorado Bombers. His fastball kept landing in the upper deck for me, so put him with a great PC catcher.

13. Alex Lopez selected by the
Las Vegas Cat House. Listed as a 2B but can play CF and a back up SS in a pinch and could make a lead-off hitter.

14. Harry Gomez selected by the
Chicago FrozenKoreans. Listed as a nearly player, but best suited for 3B. Not outstanding at the plate but not terrible either.

15. Brace Henley selected by the
Honolulu Warriors. Could have a somewhat bumpy time for a while but will be a decent setup man.

16. Troy Thomas selected by the
New York Dragons. Should have a decent career in CF, maybe a bumpy first year and just maybe the coaches will teach him that a walk is better than a ground out.

17. Braden Garcia selected by the
Helena Ice Doggs. Book is still out on this kid.

18. Derrick Cressend selected by the
Nashville Hillbillies. The only knock on this kid is the fact this is baseball not softball.