Monday, August 11, 2008

The IFA Signings

HtSSN - There has not been much on the IFA market to date but there has been some notable signings.

The Texas Chili announced the singing of Roberto Cerda. A probable setup man/closer with good durability, great splits, two exceptional pitches with an above average out pitch if needed even and above average control. The knock on this kid is his health which could prevent him from making it to the Show.

Richmond Cavaliers announced the signing of Juan Torres. Signed as a 3B, but lacks the defensive skills to be elite at the position and better suited for RF. His split vsL, power, contact and speed suggest that he will more than likely be slated to bat at the back-end of the lineup especially against lefties at the ML level.

The Milwaukee Cervezeros announced the signing of Andres Romo. Has good defensive skills for the position and 1B also. Has exceptional speed and batting eye for the lead-off spot but remains to be seen whether he will make the Show.

Washington D.C. Senators announced the signing of Don Hines. A reliever with exceptional control, splits, velocity and a fastball along with three above average out pitches. The knock on this kid is his durability which suggests limited appearances.