Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sentinal Sitdown - Erffdogg

The term dynasty has many possible definitions. The necessary requirements to become a dynasty seem to change all the time with no real guidelines. So the question presents itself, is the Helena franchise a dynasty? The Helena franchise under Erffdogg won the World Series in season one and defended their title in season two. In year three Helena made it back once again to try to defend their title once again but were beat. Another playoff appearance in season four had Helena primed to make another run at the title but they were unsuccessful. Four consecutive playoff appearances, three division titles and two World Series title’s later the Helena franchise is clearly the closest thing to a dynasty that the league has seen thus far. This year Helena is 49-32 right now which currently puts them in second in the tough N.L. West. They currently only sit a few games above Cheyenne for the final wild card spot in the N.L. This would be the fifth straight year that Helena would make the playoffs. Helena currently has the second best ERA in the M.L. at 3.60. However there hitting has been average, the team is hitting at 263 which is 20th in the M.L. and their HR total is 21st. Clearly the hitting needs to pickup if Helena is going to continue to stride toward their fifth straight playoff appearance. If Helena is going to continue their dynasty their core group of players need to hit better. The problem clearly isn’t pitching, key hitters like Louis Good and Yorrick Gonzales need to get going down the stretch drive. Gonzales especially, a career 298 hitter in four seasons he is currently hitting 246. and is on pace to set career lows in average and hits as well as a career high in strikeouts. Of course all of the team’s problems can’t be blamed on one player. The whole team needs to start hitting to ensure that Helena can strengthen their claim at becoming a true dynasty and make it back to the playoffs for the fifth straight year. Today our guest on the Sentinal Sitdown is Erffdogg, G.M. of the Helena Ice-Doggs.

Q. Thanks for joining us, how are you enjoying the season thus far?
A. I'm happy with the season so far. A little nervous cause Cheyenne and Honolulu have built strong teams to compete in the division but i think i'll do allright holding them off.

Q. Do you try not to think about your success in the past? Or do you use it as motivation to continue your success?
A. I don't try not to think about it nor do think too much about it where this season is concerned. how's that for vague? I guess you could say i use it as motivation in the respect that i don't want my team's performance to be less than it ever was.

Q. Your pitching has been excellent his year. Were you expecting them to be this good?
A. Yes. In the first two seasons i traded for several good young arms and slowly developed them in the minors. Crash Reynolds, Walt Wilson and Sam Chamberlain are all up now and pitching well. Those 3 alomg with Cy Young winner Shep Beck and Diego Martin gives me a rotation full of #1's and 2's. I am upset about Cy Tomlinson getting injured though.

Q. Who do you think has been your best pitcher thus far?
A. This year it's been Shep but Crash is close behind. (i love those names) Historically Shep and Diego have anchored my pitching and have always done well.

Q. Do you think your hitting will turn it around?
A. I think so. Yorrick has been dreadful this year and both my catchers, one who's historically been very good and my young catcher Louis haven't been hitting well either. I dealt Ernie Kennedy in the offseason as i was bringing up Tony Yamamoto and didn't think i'd lose any offense there. Tony along Ernie Regan have been producing less than i'd like too though.

Q. Any chance you make a move to try to give your club a boost in the arm?
A. If the hitting doesn't improve then i think so. I'll likely have to deal an arm or possibly a catcher to do it though.

Q. I mentioned Yorrick Gonzales in the article, does he need to be better?
A. Yes. He's pretending to be Corey Patterson this year. I'm close to moving out of the leadoff spot.

Q. Do you think you’ll make the playoffs this year for the fifth straight year and be a legitimate threat in the playoffs?
A. i think i'll make it. I think i'll take the division. My rotation will be sick for the playoffs so i think i have a real good shot of success there.

Q. Do you think you’re a dynasty right now? And if not what do you think your franchise still has to do to become one?
A. I don't think it's a Dynasty but ask me again in 3 or 4 seasons and i'll have a different answer.

Q. What’s your name - RudyQ.
How old are you - 32
Q. Fav ML team - Reds
Q. Fav all time player - Johnny Bench
Q. Do you have a franchise model - i try to go with good young pitching and guys that can hit for power in the gaps and over the fence. defense is secondary. i avoid pitchers parks because i've found they hurt my offense too much. have good enough pitchers and it don't matter where they are pitching.