Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A 16 Day Look Around the Minors Day 16

Finally at the end, the scouts are happy and can turn their attention to the up coming amateur draft. Though my scouts are not pleased at what is available. By the way, I didn't plan on my team being last, it just happened that way.

Nashville Hillbillies
Grade B: Gregory Sisler-2B: Although having some ML experience in season 4 (way too soon), he could be a vacuum cleaner at 2B and easily snag balls in CF. An on-base hitter with one drawback, health.
Grade B: John Haynes-SP: Great control, good splits and some good pitches make this kid a possibility for a ML career, provided he stays healthy.
Grade A: Davey Cruz-RP: A decent reliever whose stock continues to rise.
Grade B: Edwin Gragg-SS: Weak at SS, but at 3B or 2B will defensively help any team. A pretty good hitter, though not in the power realm but biggest concern once again is health.

New York Dragons
Grade A: Ben Fox-3B: Currently being groomed for 3B, could possibly be a weak SS or strong 2B one day. Will hit for average with some power.
Grade B: Tito Nakajima-SP: Could be an end of rotation starter or long reliever. Has the potential to be good.
Grade A: Elmer Leach-CF: Really too weak to play CF and being left handed limits him to COF or 1B. Such a delima to be in as his hitting says he will be in the line up real soon.