Friday, November 14, 2008

A 16 Day Look Around the Minors Day 9

The scouts have calmed down, knowing their fruitful search could pay off in the end.

Florida Storm
Grade A: Santos Sanchez-RP: Great control, three good pitches and quick recovery will help a pen soon enough.
Grade B: Felipe Cervantes-CL: Great control, pitches and quick recovery. The only drawback could be the splits against right-hand batters, but the control and pitches should makeup the split easily enough.
Grade A: Jimmie Romero-SU: Good control and splits with 3 good pitches. Looks like the Florida pen will be strong in the late innings for the future.

Scottsdale Spades
Grade A: Bubba Bailey-2B: Defensively weak for 2B and could be relegated to playing 1B or LF, but his hitting capabilities will cause a team to find a slot in a ML lineup somewhere.
Grade A: Julian Alexander-2B: Could be GG winner at 2B or CF for that matter. Handy with a bat also.
Grade A: Max Aurilia-RP: The scouts were split as to where this kid would end up in the pen. Either way he will be really good.