Thursday, January 15, 2009

Welcome to Season 7 of Hometown Baseball

Welcome Hometown faithful and newcomers!!! So far we have several changes this year and we haven't even begun the season yet. !!!ANTICIPATION!!! It should be another wonderful year as our 32 teams will once again do battle to see who is the best. As we wait for the final 2 teams to be filled, I will run down the arrivals, movers and shakers and update once the final two teams are filled. FILLED!!! Rollin Rollin Rollin!!!! PLAY BALL!!!

NL News:

Helena has moved to Arizona and has been nicknamed the High Heat by new veteran owner pknock1215. No chance for snow on opening day or frozen ground during the playoffs now.

New York Dragons have moved to Columbus but still retain their Dragons nickname. There was just something about Yankee Stadium I couldn't figure out and this is Hometown.

Santa Cruz was bought and moved to Oakland essentially swapping cities by new owner bbwinksdaddy and nicknamed the Seals. Free entrance for three fish to feed the mascots during the 7th inning rally show!

Texas stayed in the same state by moving to Houston by new veteran owner kingdean and became the Not So Nice. That in itself can be both true and

AL News:

Pittsburgh has changed its nickname from "Punks" to "The Fish That Saved". Which is much better to me, but does that mean we can call them "Wanda" also?

Boise has moved to Minnesota and nicknamed the Mudcats by new but returning Hometown veteran owner knucklebones. Does a Mudcat look like a catfish?

Charlotte Tar Heels have moved to New Britain and nicknamed the Lobsterbacks. The new logo looks great dipped in butter.

Pawtucket Whalers have moved to Louisville but kept the Whalers logo in a cost cutting move.

Oakland Oaks were bought and moved to Santa Cruz and called the Slugs by new owner stevep_09. The Santa Cruz faithful are happy to have a replacement team but are not overjoyed with having to do something with the Puma souvenirs.

Las Vegas was bought by new veteran owner lvrecsports but kept the franchise in town and renamed them the Aces. The puritanical sect and casino owners applauded the change.

Sacottsdale was moved to Anaheim and has become the Baja Racers. Is Anaheim close to Baja? Anyway, the dune buggy race during the 7th inning stretch should be fun to watch.