Monday, June 8, 2009

Draft Signings Update

With this bacth, leaves three first round selections unsigned. So if they sign, let me know.

2. Mike Karl, 2B drafted by Houston - Not a 2B but will find a home at the ML level somewhere and probably at COF. Should be a great for average hitter with a few home runs.
Grade A+

3. Pablo Cordero, RF drafted by Seattle - COF and maybe 1B for this young gun. Has all the tools to be a great power hitter if projections are reached. An issue with health could cause problems.
Grade A-

4. Lee Hammonds, P drafted by New Britain. Could be a staff ace in a few seasons.
Grade A+

5. Mike Hill, C drafted by Salem. A bit light for defensive catcher but has the great PC skill. Overshadowing his defensive skills is his monsterous hitting ability.
Grade A+

7. Derrick Daniels, P drafted by Pittsburgh. Has some very good ratings, but the splits are not joyous. The question is will it hurt if full potential is realized?
Grade B+ or A- not sure which....

8. Philip Murphy, P drafted by Anaheim. Has some very fine tools, though it could be doubtful that his stamina and durability will allow him to be in the starting rotation at the ML level.
Grade A+