Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crowned For Season 8

The Cheyenne Sandors can finally crow about their World Series trophy as they downed Nashville in the 7th game 2-1. It was a hard fought series that featured neither team actually gaining an advantage and they played their hearts out.

After their collapse in season 6 that kept them out of the playoffs and their failed attempt last year, Cheyenne finally broke through for the prize. It was a long dry spell for the NL, as they had not had a champion since season 2 when Helena won back to back titles. Now, the question remains, can they do it again? "The competition is getting tougher and tougher every season." claimed winning GM worion1 "and the challenge is exciting!".

The AL has been dominated by mostly the same teams the past four seasons, but the competition is getting stronger and chinks in their armor is appearing as 10 of the 16 teams boasted .500 records or better. Even the once doormats of the league won 72 games. Will the old guard stand for another season remains a big question mark or will the new up and comers take the challenge.

The NL, although not as dominate, has had the same fate as the AL, but several teams are starting to break through with 9 teams with .500 or better records. Many showed signs of a dynasty in progress and made their presence felt. Season 9 looks to be a free for all in both leagues as the competition is heating up.