Thursday, February 25, 2010

Season 11

Welcome to Season 11 of Hometown. A long time owner named Firesign always used to do an article on the opening of the season welcoming the new owners and since he didnt come back and I used to help him with his previews I guess ill take it upon myself to do so. Welcome to all of the new owners in the league. I know the first 2 weeks were very interesting but hopefully that's all behind us now. I have already stated in past seasons I dont mind that people get so involved and passionate about their teams it just goes to show that we have committed and intelligent owners who care about the league and their teams. This will be my 6th season here in Hometown and I really hope all of you new owners enjoy yourselves.

Best of Luck to all and I hope you enjoy the Previews

For those of you who remember the Sentinal Sitdown I'd like to do that again this year so plz tc me if your interested. For those of you who dont know it's an article I write about your franchise and I sitemail you many questions and get your answers and put them in the article you can check the blog for past interviews

Thanks Scott