Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sentinal Sitdown - Bermanap

Eight division titles in a row. Two World Series titles and an average of 118 per season. Clearly the franchise we are talking about is Mexico City (formerly Nashville). Bermanap doesn't have big shoes to fill he has Shaq's shoe size to fill. The good news for Mexico City fans is that Bermanap successfully led the franchise to their eighth straight division title. However the way to measure success in the franchise is playoff wins and guess what they did that as well. They lost in the World Series, quite the debut for a first year owner. As nice of a story it was that they reached the World Series the loss was very disappointing. Some players really stepped up to try to carry the team to the promise land. OF Milt Rigdon who was a midseason pickup from Florida had a very poor season for Mexico City. In 281 AB he only hit 228. But Ridgon was given new life in the playoffs and he took full advantage of that. In 54 AB in the postseason he hit a very productive 315 driving in 8 and scoring 8 times. Three guys stepped up large Ernest Page , Matty Cordero and Theodore Locko all hit above 350. while having at least 44 AB in the postseason. However not everyone can be a hero. Every playoff team needs it Bill Buckner, Joe Thornton or Jeff Reardon and unfortunately for Mexico City it was Gary Gutierrez. The career 287 hitter was held to an abysmal 200 AVG in the playoffs. He had key AB in key situations and for lack of a better word was awful. Gutierrez has had only one playoff where he hit over 300 and that was season 5. In the past 5 postseasons he has only hit an average of 214. If Mexico City is going be successful in the playoffs he needs to be better. Bermanap's job is quite clear from here on in, if Mexico City is going to get back to the World Series they need key pieces to be playoff performers. Bermanap has his work cut out for him but I definitely think he has the attitude and the plan to pull off the continuation of the Nashville/Mexico City run of success.

Q. Congrats on the success last year as well as getting off to an impressive 4-0 start this year. My first question is an obvious one, Do you have enough to get back to the World Series?
A - The Burritos are still definitely one of the most talented ML teams in the World, and definitely think we have what it takes to get back and win the WS. Losing Cordero at 1B will hurt, but I think Carpenter at C is a big upgrade.

Q. Ridgon needs to be better during the Regular season, were you disappointed with his regular season last year?
- Ridgon was drinking too much of the Mexico City water last year, so he struggled most of the season but as you noted he came on in the playoffs and turned in to the player he should have been. He is sticking to the bottled water and is starting this season very well. I think he likes batting cleanup, and it should be an exciting season.

Q. What was your biggest loss in the offseason or your biggest regret in the offseason?
- Cordero was a big loss at 1B. but the biggest loss was obviously Mendy Knott. I was expecting to fetch a 1st rounder and the comp pick as he was a type A, and I was looking forward to that pick, but Monterey signed three big name free agents this year, so that 1st rounder became a third rounder. Call it a noob mistake.

Q. I pointed out Gary Gutierrez as not performing well in the playoffs of late. Does he need to better for Mexico City to be a serious contender?
A- I'm not worried about Gutierrez, which is why he got himself a 3-year contract extension. He will play better then last year's post-season and will be a a big time player in this years playoff run.

Q. Jermaine Good was acquired in one of the bigger trades in Hometown history, do you see him ending his career in Mexico City?
A- Good is more then Good, he is great. He is signed through season 14, A lot can happen in 4 seasons, but he is a very integral part of the Burritos success

Q. How are you liking Hometown?
A- Hometown is a great league. I had so much fun with this league that I joined a second league as well. I like how the vets watch out for the noobs and make sure that they aren't getting hosed by making trades early. I also think that gman does a good job keeping the league up and running. I'm glad that the drama from the beginning of the season is over.

Q. You made an effort to add some minor league depth as well was it hard moving Pete Beltran and Jimmy Sabathia for Ridgon?
A- I definitely want to be building up the minor league system, but in the case of Rigdon that deal was too good to pass up. I would much rather bring up from the farm system, but on the same note if a special player like Rigdon is available, I won't hesitate to pull the trigger. Beltran and Sabathia will be good ML players, but Rigdon is special.

Q. Whats your name?Andy Berman
Q. How old are you? 31
Q. Fav Team?Boston Red Sox
Q. Fav Player?Pedroia - love scrappy little dirt dogs (used to be Trot Nixon)
Q. Franchise Model?Sort of the current Red Sox model - don't overpay or keep players around too long after their prime, build up the farm system and if the right trade is available, do it and don't look back. I have the luxury of already having a great ML squad, so if I have to let a player walk because he wants 5 years, I can get away with it.