Saturday, May 28, 2011

Play/Offs: Season 15, Round 1

I want to watch the Play...Offs
Yes it's that time of year again, the playoffs.  While some teams play on and dream of winning it all, most teams have to just sit and boredom.  Here's a breakdown of the Division Play-In Series Round:


Buffalo Wild Wings (3) vs. Seattle Rain Drops (6)
What Should Happen:  Always the division bridesmaid and never the division bride, Seattle can bank on having to go through the wild card each and every year.  And that's really unfortunate, because they have a good team that could win just about any other division.  Seattle going to the world series would just be a good story.

What Will Happen: Seattle has a great team with centerpiece Sammy Forbes, but Buffalo has their own centerpiece in Herman Lewis.  Pitching, hitting, and defense is strong in both squads, so this one is going to come down to Lady Luck.  Thankfully she's more fair than Floozy Fortune.
Buffalo in 5

Honolulu Cyclones (4) vs. Wichita Gnats (5)
What Should Happen: Two last place teams from a season ago, Honolulu and Wichita now face in other in the playoffs in a battle of unrealistic baseball cities.  What should happen here?  Who knows.  I like both of these teams, but since Wichita has been around longer and never made it out of the Division Championship Series, let's go with him.

What Will Happen: Neither one of their rotations is particularly strong, but Honolulu definitely has the edge swinging the bats.  One thing to keep an eye out for is Wichita's speed against Honolulu's sub-par catching tandem.  These 5 tool players might be the difference in this series, and no I'm not talking about the starting lineup of the Miami Heat.
Wichita in 5


Omaha Bluffs (3) vs. Arizona High Heat (6)
What Should Happen:  Ah, Mentor vs. Protege, Master vs. Apprentice, Pat Morita vs. Ralph Macchio.  The High Heat brought the Bluffs into this world a few seasons back, and now they face each other in the playoffs.  You know it's always nice to see the protege finally best the mentor, and the Bluffs have had a pretty rough playoff experience to this point.  Also Arizona has won a whole lot already.  Then again, seems like lots of people hate Omaha for being a big complainer, so let's just root for a nice long series.

What Will Happen: Arizona seems to have Omaha's number, but the Bluff's talent is pretty impressive this season.  If I was picking based on talent level, I'd take Omaha.  But I'm not.
Arizona in 4

Monterrey Jack Cheese (4) vs. Detroit Faith (5)
What Should Happen: Detroit did a great job of loading up on talent all season long, throwing payroll caution to the wind and taking on a win-now mentality.  Monterrey has taken the other route, adding most of their talent from within.  While I like Detroit's effort of trying to buy a world series, it reminds me a little too much of the Yankees.  Monterrey it is.

What Will Happen:  Losing Mario Loazia was a big blow to Detroit, but realistically they still have more hitting and pitching than the aged Jack Cheese.  Monterrey is really relying on a number of 37+ year olds to not fall apart during October, and while Jack Cheese may get better with age, fake human baseball players apparently do not.  If the Faith don't win this series, there will be the most boos heard in Detroit since Charlie Sheen's Violent Torpedo of Truth.
Detroit in 4

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