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Hometown, Season 27: 1/3rd Report

Hometown, Season 27, this is your 1/3rd season report.  And now, a message from Scott00793:

ML North

Toronto FivT’s
Toronto is off to another great start despite trading away Julio Julio and some other veterans. They are poised to win another division which would be the clubs 22nd consecutive division win.  Way to be super boring.

Montreal Midget Mafia

It’s been 10 years since Montreal has made the playoffs, but it feels like 50.  Last season the Mafia finished above 500 for the first time in three years and they currently sit second in the division.  A team AVG of 268 isn't terrible but they currently only have 1 player hitting above 300 and he’s only had 30 AB. 

Chicago Wolfpack

Here's a nice piece of...The rebuild is still underway in Chicago, currently sitting in third in the division. The pitching has definitely been lousy to put it mildly with several SP having ERA’s over 5. One of the major bright spots in the rebuild has to be Stewart Branson, the 22 year old 2B is currently hitting 321 and providing a little bit of everything for the Wolfpack. Joseph Koh unfortunately has been providing very little the former much sought after Catcher is only hitting 250 thus far. 

Cincinnati Red Stockings

The Red Stockings are definitely a franchise in transition. They are transitioning from a team that was never quite good enough to a team that's definitely not good enough.  They currently sit last in the division and quite the age difference in the roster. Prospects like Johnny Reid and Dennis Bailey are surely pushing the veterans like Maranon, Torres and Jaha. It’s no secret that Cincy was trying to be a player in the offseason but the asking price might have been to high for stud reliever Shep Flynn, Cincy should and likely will be a player at the trade deadline. 

ML East

Buffalo Wild Wings

Perhaps the best division in baseball, only a few games separate the first to third place team in the division. The Wild Wings currently sit first. The bats are overplaying to the tune of a top 10 hitting team.  The starting pitching will definitely have to pick it up, mostly because it blows.

Dover Hi, Im In Delaware

3 straight second place finishes to Buffalo has Dover thinking big this year. The team looks motivated, Prieto, Schoendienst and Garland are all hitting over 300 and with Jimmie Johnson and Earl Drew are both pitching lights out, if Dover can stay healthy this could be their year to take over first. Super Stat or Meaningless Number - Earl Drew has 3 Complete Games already this season which is more than 28 teams have total. 

Augusta Maine Men

Augusta currently holds the final wild card spot in the AL but it will definitely be a dog fight to the last few days of the season. Pitching wins championships and it’s certainly the motto in Augusta right now. Gabe Iannone, Cookie Pena and Leonardo Reese all have ERA’s under 3 and are looking good for All Star nods. The question is can the team score enough runs to keep up the wins, currently 7 players in their starting line up are hitting under 265.

Wichita Gnats

The rebuild is still underway in Wichita but the team is definitely improving. Currently only 8 games below 500, seems like quite the stretch after the last time they won 70 games was in season 21. The Gnats have 7 rookies on their 25 man roster and each of them are contributing in their own way. Former top 10 pick Mark Sorrento is off to a slow start but there is no doubt he will be a star.  Not an all-star though.  Like a real, actual star.  Alpha Centauri style. 

AL South

Little Rock Patriots

The rumor is that the Patriots might be changing their name to the Little Rock Communists, because everyone on the team plays the same.  Oh, and also because they're a bunch of Communists.  They are currently leading the league in runs scored and AVG. They currently sit 3 games ahead of Charlotte for the division lead.

Charlotte Sugar Babies

The Sugar Babies, or as they like to be called, the "Type 1 Diabetics," currently sit second in the division and out of a wild card spot. After a division winning 85-77 last season, the Sugar Babies pitching has definitely let them down thus far. They currently sit near the bottom in team ERA, allowing a whole run more per game then they were last year. While Roth and Diaz are doing their thing, Ezdra Romero is having a career year.

Tampa Bay Florida Retirees 

The Retirees rebuild is gaining momentum. The minor league teams are looking strong and over the last 3 years they teams win total has been rising from 58 - 65 - 70. One of the reasons for the increasing wins has to be SP Pedro Julio. The former IFA is finally starting to come into his own. He is currently 6-3 with an ERA of 2.12 and a dazzling WHIP of .97.

Memphis Monsters

It would appear that Memphis is in a rebuild mode...or they're just not very good at this game. Memphis has a lot of interesting trade pieces, they have many veterans who are playing well. The biggest bright spot of the season thus far has to be 25 year old C Brian Sherman, the career 245 hitter is currently hitting 290 with 8 HR, he is on pace for career highs in AVG and HR. 

AL West

Cheyenne McGees

The first Irish World Series Champs.  The JFK's of Hometown, if you will.  I'm sure this will end well.

Los Angeles Animal Style Fries

R.I.P. Murray.

Colorado Crush

Colorado is in a full scale rebuild mode. With only 21 wins at the moment Colorado is clearly looking years ahead. They should be a big time player at the trade deadline though. They have several quality veteran hitters who are playing very well at the moment and could land them some solid prospects. Tony Villanueva, Dave Newman, Norm Morehead and Jose Hipolito could all be solid additions to teams looking to make a playoff push or a deep run in the postseason. Look for Colorado to be a big time player at the trade deadline, or do nothing. 

Fresno Funk Daddy’s

Fresno has been a franchise in transition for several years now with several owners. That's a nice way of saying this franchise sucks.  2 players to keep an eye on though would be Felipe Bravo, the 24 year old rookie could be a gold glover at SS but he is only hitting 230. Warren Bell another 24 year old rookie has a very bright future ahead of him but is definitely going through his growing pains. He is currently hitting 193, the former top 15 pick might be better served seeing some time in AAA. 

NL North

Madison Rowengartners

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it seems to be the motto in Madison as usual. One third through the season and Madison is right where it usually is, in first place. They are top 10 in both team ERA and batting AVG. Julio Ruiz just keeps doing what he does, currently hitting 335 with 13 HR.

Scranton Dundees

Here's a fun fact: Scranton might not actually be that bad anymore.  Look at the standings.  It's not a typo.  How about that.  Three straight years of finishing second in the divison have fans in Scranton hoping this is the year they can top Madison.  So confident in fact, they actually pooped in one hand and hoped in the other.

Rochester Ramblers

Rochester is still in rebuild mode. They say nothing lasts forever, but dammit, he will prove them wrong.

Kansas City Tornadoes

They Kansas City Shuffle continues with the Tornadoes.  Shuffling out wins, shuffling in losses.

NL East

Pawtucket Patriot Ale

Nine years in a row Pawtucket has won the NL East and it doesn't look like Washington has enough to top them this year. The Pitching is currently top spot in the league with a current ERA of 3.10.  The hitting isn't very special, but it doesn't seem to matter.

Washington DC Senators

The Senators got off to a real slow start, but have been playing some really good ball as of late. They were in fourth after the first 3 weeks of the season and have jumped to second in a matter of days. Currently only a few games behind Pawtucket Washington is looking good. Big offseason FA signing Teddy Gosling is earning the 17 million this year currently despite the 0-4 record he has an ERA of 3.12.  Oh and also, Teddy Gosling is making 17 million.  Classic.

Philadelphia Fighting Quakers

The Quakers major league system has actually been downgraded to AAA.  They now have two AAA affiliates, thus doubling their chances at the AAA crown.  However, currently these teams sit 10 and 12 games out of first.

New York 67’s

The team is clearly still rebuilding, clearly the excitement is over top prospects Dillion Borders, Casper Cortes and Patrick McDougal. The lone bright spot at the ML level is definitely Magglio Puente, after a pathetic season last year in which he hit only 260 with a 291 OBP he has bounced back nicely and is currently hitting 309 with 12 HR and an OBP of 343. 

NL South

Monterrey Jack Cheese

Monterrey has arrived. The Youth movement has paid off and they are firing on all cylinders. The NL South is theirs to lose at this point. Super Rookies Melky Sanchez and Alfredo Castilla are doing it all for the Jack Cheese. Sanchez and Castilla are both hitting over 300 and at 25 and 23 years old respectively the Jack Cheese look to have 2 solid MLBers for years to come.

Atlanta Rustlers

Remember two years ago when this team was good?  Tarktheminnow's transformation is nearly complete.

Montgomery Mockingbirds

After a second place finish in the divison last year Montgomery looks destined to finish 3rd or 4th this season. Montgomery is clearly a team in transition and might be looking to sell at the deadline. One of the bright spots has to be Jae Yamomoto, the career 270 hitter is enjoying the best start in his career. The 29 year old is hitting 317 with 13 HRs. 

Texas Instruments

Apparently everyone messes with Texas.  In most states this would be considered rape, but here it's called the #1 overall pick.

NL West

Helena Handbaskets

Currently sitting in 1st place in the NL West Helena has its work cut out for them. Definitely the tightest division in the league, 5 games separates 1st to 3rd.  This team is old and unimpressive.  Exactly what the doctor ordered in the NL West.

St Louis Browns

The Browns are having a solid start to the year. After 8 years of missing the playoffs the Browns currently sit 2nd in the division and have a solid chance to obtain a wild card. Guys like Sparkey Bell are having nice bounce back seasons. He is currently hitting 325 with 15 HRs with a super impressive 415 OBP. If St Louis is going to compete for a wild card it will definitely need Bell to keep up his All Star pace. 

Sacramento Mad Monks

How exactly did this POS team make the World Series last year?  Was it the terrible pitching or the horrendous hitting that put them over the top?  Can they defy odds and do it again?  Tune in next time...

Arizona Prickly Pears

The Prickly Pears are currently in a rebuild, they currently sit last in the division. Arizona might have made one of the sneakiest moves of the offseason as well acquiring SS Walker VandenHurk from the 67’s. VandenHurk hit 244 in his rookie season for New York and the 67’s moved him to Arizona for a long reliever. They might be regretting that as VandenHurk is currently hitting 393. That’s right 393. If Arizona can make more trades like that the rebuild will be a lot quicker than usual.


Stay tuned for a best/worst all time draft slot post...coming soon!

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