Friday, January 23, 2015

Hometown Season: 29 - Week 1 Power Rankings

32. Seattle – Ken Green in Seattle.  Better than last year, but need 72 to stick around.
31. Little Rock – how many individual players make more than the entire roster of Little Rock?
30. St. Louis – Nothing.
29. Tampa Bay – If only James Park could start, leadoff, and bat clean up as well.
28. New York – as long as they start better than the Knicks, they will own New York
27. Hartford – Poor Dillon Posey.
26. San Jose – Rebuild? How about demolish? 
25. San Juan – Young and talented, but do they know how to win?
24. Helena – getting really old and trading your best young player is not going to help.
23. Houston – Houston, we don’t have as many problems as we used to.
22. Salem – All those top picks making it to the bigs.
21. Louisville – Kelvin Roth must be raking in the endorsements from Louisville Slugger
20. Oakland – could surprise some people with youth movement.
19. Chicago – lots of money wrapped up in old SP.
18. Philadelphia – same old story in the city where everyone loves their brother
17. Wichita – tough to play against Buffalo and Dover, but should leap over San Jose
16. Kansas City – couple decent upgrades. Should get around .500 mark
15. Montgomery – Spent a lot on pitching when they should have been acquiring hitting.
14. Tacoma – Can $30 mil Byrd screw them into the playoffs?
13. Memphis – Over performed all year last season. Can they do it again?
12. Huntington – Shoulda, coulda, woulda last year. Hopefully this year is more did.
11. Anaheim – not much turnover, but a nice 1-2 punch at the top.
10. Montreal – just missed playoffs last year, can they finish?
9. Sacramento – How do these guys keep on winning?
8. Monterrey – Avg. Pos. Player Age = 25, Avg. SP Age = 35
7. Scranton – revamped starting staff. Can they hang?
6. Cheyenne – Trying to make it 7 AL West titles in a row
5. Buffalo – Everybody’s back and angry. Watch out Dover.
4. Pawtucket – WS Champs. Hopefully Sawyer doesn’t pull a Haynesworth.   
3. Toronto – Add Diaz and Hampton to the offense. 1,000 runs possible?
2. Madison – Core guys still in their prime.
1. Dover – WS Runner Up. Still got JJ at the top.  


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