Saturday, July 19, 2008

Big FA Splashes

1.Adam Ramirez-2B Augusta A's
Ramirez was surprisingly released by the Dragons, but didn't complain. He was given a 5-yr $83 million deal by the A's. Ramirez will need to improve his glove to stay at 2nd, but he is only 24, and should maintain an excellent batting average, with above average speed and patience at the plate throughout the contract. The A's had a lot of room in their payroll, and a young team, so adding a young hitter to a team stocked with pitching talent is a good decision by jpgerstu.

2.Eddie Burns-2B/SS Oakland Oaks
Owner of 2 Gold Gloves and 2 All-Star appearances, Burns did not come cheap. It cost owner sergei91 a total of $43.5 million over 5 years to get the 29-year old. Burns has World Series experience though, which could prove valuable down the stretch. Well, that and his outstanding defense and career average of 52 home runs per season.

3.Paulie Munoz-3B Chicago FrozenKoreans
Signed away from Oakland, Munoz was given a 4-year $31 million deal to entice him to leave. A former gold glove winner, Munoz could win another if he stays at 3B instead of SS. Munoz is only 29, and should be able to keep up his solid production throughout the life of the deal.

4.Rogers Clifton-SP/Long Reliever Honolulu Warriors
Rogers' stamina and durability aren't what they once were, and he has always been a health risk. But there's a reason drarcher signed him and thats because if he's pitching, he can be dominant. Clifton's contract totals $16 million over 2 years, including a $2.5 million bonus this year. Rogers made the all-star team in season 3 as part of a dominant trio of veteran SP in Colorado, and Honolulu will certainly hope he can regain that form and bounce back from a disappointing year last year.

5.Alejandro Samuel-SP Chicago FrozenKoreans
The 34-year old Samuel cost FrozenK $14 million over 2 years, but should step right into the FrozenKorean's rotation. Samuel occassionally struggles with his control, but is very tough against righties.

Others of Note:
Gary Pillette-RP Augusta A's
Pillette struggled in Colorado but what pitcher doesn't? Jpgerstu was able to look past that and rewarded Gary with a 2-year deal worth $17 million. Pillette will be an excellent setup man in the A's bullpen, and has the stuff to close if need be.

Juan Maduro-RP Oakland Oaks
Also released by the Dragons, Maduro is one of several FA additions by owner sergei91. He was given a 4-year $20.4 million deal. The 29-year old Maduro should be a solid setup man for the contending Oaks.

Wascar Rosado-SP New York Mets
The Rookie of the Year winner for the AL in Season 1, Rosado is still only 28 and is a workhorse desperately needed by the Mets. Released by Oakland, Rosado was given a 4-year $36.15 million, including a $950,000 bonus. Wascar has good control, but below average pitches. Owner PoconoMets will hope he can regain the form Roasdo displayed as a rookie.

Matt Urich-SS Austin Black Socks
Another player that hit free agency early due to the Dragons' budget crunch, Urich is a strong defensive SS, who hits very well against righties. Noccolo didn't think twice about giving him a 5-year $26.8 million deal as Urich is only 24, and will help the Black Socks chase their 5th consecutive playoff appearance.

Glen Newman and Bill Gardner-SP Pawtucket Whalers
Newcomer tchagnon immediately attempted to fix a rather poor rotation, committing a combined 6 years and $33 million to this pair. Both pitchers have struggled in previous ML spots, and will hope to turn it around.

Cory Buchanan-SS Boston Liberty
Formerly of the A's and Senators, Buchanan got a 3-year $19 million deal from paul16120. Buchanan is getting paid for his terrific defense, as he and his career .713 OPS will likely bat in the 8 hole for the Liberty.

Pat Masao-SP Honolulu Warriors
Combining with Clifton to shore up the Warriors pitching staff will be Pat Masao. Given a 2-year deal worth $13.2 million, Masao is another solid veteran who can hopefully boost Honolulu deeper into this year's playoffs, as he hasn't seen them while being a part of the old Splashlogs franchise.