Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Trades

HTSSN- It is early in the off-season and the trades have been burning the air waves and newspaper print already. We imagine there will be several more before the season starts.

The first to make the list was defensive prospect gem Wally Riggs of the
Pawtucket Whalers who was traded for power DH and backup catcher Ira Munoz of the New York Dragons. Riggs will probably make his way through the Dragons minors this year and join the ML team next year as a 3B. While Munoz looks to bat cleanup in the Whalers lineup.

The Patriots sent pitcher Dennis Hunt and prospect reliever Davey Benson to
Syracuse for pitcher Don Jordan. Hunt will probably be asked to anchor a very young rotation in Syracuse while Benson may see this year developing his closer skills in the minors. Jordan will likely develop his starting pitching skills in the minors this year as well.

The Black Sox got Benito Camacho and Dick Wall from the
FrozenKoreans for Sal Gil and Rey Handworth. Camacho, an OF, may or may not see action with the ML team this year. Wall, a pitcher, will also probably remain in the minors this season where he might become a back-end rotation starter or long reliever next season. Gil will either be the closer or setup for the FrozenKoreans while Handworth may be in the starting rotation or long reliever.

Little Rock Patriots happily sent Ira Perez and half of his salary to the New York Mets for Vladimir Wilson and Carlos Gonzales. Perez will probably fill a backup role with Mets as they already have a hospital staff on-call for him just in case. Wilson will probably make his debut as the every day 3B for the Patriots. Gonzales will make his home in AAA this year at least, next year could be a question mark.

Toronto FivTs sent Pedro Reyes and Louie Guzman to the Atlanta Southern Boys for Dee Leach. The FivTs get a possible future power gold glove 1B (Leach) in the deal while the Southern Boys get a consistent hitting future COF in Guzman and a good SP prospect in Reyes. Reyes may not be a good fit in Atlanta, will have to keep an eye on that.

Milwaukee Cervezeros sent Felix Casian to the Syracuse Symbiotes for Geoff Lackey and Rafael Saenz. Lackey will give opposing right-handers a fit at the plate and will become a good defensive player in CF. Saenz will probably be relegated to the minors this season and could make the ML roster one day. Casian is a sly veteran SP that will probably find his way into the starting rotation in Syracuse.