Thursday, July 24, 2008

Al North Preview

Season 4 record: 93-69 1st place

Star Watch: Sherman Moore, Arthur Robinson

Rookie Watch: Footsie Redmond, Alex Dipoto

Offense: 6

Defense: 6

Pitching: 3

Coaching: 4

Analysis: Starting Pitching could become a bit of a concern although they will score lots of runs to help them out. Injuries could determine if the Spuds can repeat as division champion.

Draft Focus: 2B

Season 4 record: 69 - 93 2nd place

Star Watch: John Corsi, Mendy Knott

Rookie Watch: Ernie Beamon, Trent Wilkins

Offense: 2

Defense: 3

Pitching: 6

Coaching: 2

Analysis: Not overpowering at the plate or in the field but very strong off the mound to keep them in games. Pittsburgh is a hard place to play, is it the right combination to win?

Draft Attention: 2B, 3B, SS, CF

Season 4 record: 64-98 3rd place

Star Watch: Brian Simms, Kirby Donatello

Rookie Watch: Jorge James, Alfredo DaSilva

Offense: 6

Defense: 6

Pitching: 4

Coaching: 6

Analysis: Last year this team hit 253 home runs, unfortunately most of them solo shots and pitching gave up 263. Can this be turned around this year? The rotation and pen is mixed with good vets and untested rookies. The lineup is young but good.

Draft Attention: Pitching, CF

Season 4 record: 53-109 4th place

Star Watch: Harry Mairena, Albert Rios

Rookie Watch: J.R. Barnes, Al Cedeno

Offense: 4

Defense: 3

Pitching: 2

Coaching: 4

Analysis: Will be vastly improved from last years squad but maybe too young to make a run this year. Pitching and defense is a problem area as this team rebuilds.

Draft Attention: Pitching, CF