Thursday, July 24, 2008

AL East Preview

Season 4 Record: 83-79 1st place

Star Watch: Blade Collins, Francisco Rosario

Rookie Watch: Darryl Alexander, Jim Bridges

Offense: 6

Defense: 7

Pitching: 5

Coaching: 3

Analysis: Good offense and great defense, but depth at SP could be problematic. If the pitching and starting catcher, Justin Hardy, hold up and the youngsters in the starting rotation shine a division repeat is very probable.

Draft Attention: any

Season 4 Record: 74-88 3rd place

Star Watch: Daniel Tapani, Jack Helms

Rookie Watch: Bobby Sheets, Carlos Estrada

Offense: 4

Defense: 4

Pitching: 4

Coaching: 4

Analysis: The Cavs are better than they look on the surface, but new GM cavone is sorting out what needs to be done. Before opening day the Cavs will be ready to challenge Boston for the division title IMHO.

Draft Attention: all

Season 4 Record: 75-87 2nd place

Star Watch: Mike Stevenson, J.P. Cedeno

Rookie Watch: Earl Barkley

Offense: 4

Defense: 3

Pitching: 3

Coaching: 4

Analysis: It could be a struggle for the Mets this year and if the injury bug hits, there isn't much help in the minors.

Draft Attention: All positions

Season 4 Record: 66-96 4th place

Star Watch: Ira Munoz, Al Alfonseca

Rookie Watch: Yamil Fernandez, Bruce Roberts

Offense: 3

Defense: 4

Pitching: 2

Coaching: 4

Analysis: Relative weakness in all categories as the Whalers are in rebuild status and not much help in the minors.

Draft Attention: all