Sunday, July 27, 2008

NL North Preview

Star Watch: David Lee, Derek Hall, Juan Franco,

Rookie Watch: Garrett Vander Wal, Artie Browne

Offense: 4

Defense: 4

Pitching: 5

Coaching: 4

Analysis: Big free agent additions were supposed to put them over the top. Will it work? And if this team is close, will jpgerstu move one of his pitching prospects for a batter to help the ML squad?

Draft Focus: C, a Power Bat

Chicago FrozenKoreans (NL)
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Season 4 record: 88 - 74 3rd place

Star Watch: Douglas Stafford, Alvin Tomlinson

Rookie Watch: Raymond Brooks

Offense: 4

Defense: 5

Pitching: 4

Coaching: 4

Analysis: Trying to return to the playoffs in a very tough division. Will the veteran pitchers perform as hoped for?

Draft Attention: Pitching, 1B

Season 4 record: 81-81 4th place

Star Watch: Not much

Rookie Watch: J.J. Floyd

Offense: 3

Defense: 2

Pitching: 2

Coaching: 4

Analysis: This team is in the decline. Can the new owner turn it around? There are several holes on the pitching staff that need to be addressed.

Draft Attention: Almost everything except for 3B, 2B and CF.

Milwaukee Cervezeros (NL)
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Season 4 record: 94-68 1st place

Star Watch: Pep Baker, Mark James, Damaso Lopez, Nate Thomas, Hersh O'Malley

Rookie Watch: Troy Lilly

Offense: 5

Defense: 4

Pitching: 5

Coaching: 5

Analysis: Practically the exact same squad returns, but will it be enough considering the improvements of the Augusta and Chicago franchises?

Draft Attention: 1B, 2B/SS, Pitching