Friday, July 25, 2008

AL Preseason Rankings

HtSSN- Well, it is getting close to that time of year when everyone wants to know who is gonna win it all before the season even starts. Well, it will be a pure guess because many things can happen during the course of a season. But here we go! First the AL and IMHO who will win their respective divisions and the best of the rest. If the predictions don't equate it is just because.

1. Nashville Hillbillies

Last year they were the best team in Hometown with the best record and WS rings to prove it and there is nothing stopping them from a repeat this year, although may not have that dominate record as last.

Prediction: 110 - 52

2. Boston Liberty

Last year they won their division. This year they made a lot of moves that could propel them to a showdown with the Hillbillies at the end of the season.

Prediction: 95 - 67

3. Boise SpudPeddlers

A division winner from last year but will face very stiff competition this year, but I think they have the pieces to repeat.

Prediction: 88 - 74

4. Vancouver Primetimers

Vancouver gets the nod again this year for the last division winner spot. The reason is the coaching staff is too good to let the team lapse. They will face a tough lot all the way around and if they get off to a good start, they will be in the mix at seasons end.

Prediction: 90 - 72

5. Colorado Bombers

I like the Bombers chances even if the pitching could be very erratic.

Prediction: 88 - 74

Houston Rocket Launchers

Their defense could cost them some games but the rest of the game plan is solid

Prediction: 94 - 68

7. Richmond Cavaliers

It may seem funny that I would rank them this high, but I like their new home and that will change the complexity.

Prediction: 86 - 76

8. Austin Black Socks

A middle of the pack team on offense and defense, but pitching wins the day.

Prediction: 90 - 72

9. Las Vegas Cat House

It takes a special team to play in Vegas and the Cat House 9 can do it.

Prediction: 86 - 76

10. Oakland Oaks

They will be much better than last year with a solid all-a-round team

Prediction: 81 - 81

11. Toronto FivTs

They won't be in the cellar of their division this year I don't think. They may be just a bit young yet to vie for a playoff spot this season but who really knows.

Prediction: 81 - 81

12. Pittsburgh Punks

This is another team that has a special park and whacky things happen. I am not sure the makeup is right then again I have been wrong before.

Prediction: 80 - 82

13. New York Mets

A team that is kind of rebuilding but is very competitive and may take a step back before going forward.

Prediction: 72 - 90

14. Seattle Rain Drops

This is another team that I had a hard time placing, they are better than their prediction.

Prediction: 72 - 90

15. Pawtucket Whalers

A rebuild team that will take a couple years to recover but the owner is capable of doing just that.

Prediction: 64 - 98

16. Little Rock Patriots

A rebuild team that will take some time recovering but being guided in the right direction.

Prediction: 63 - 99