Sunday, July 27, 2008

NL Preseason Rankings

HtSSN - Since we looked at the possible candidates for the AL title races this season, mind you it wasn't easy, let us take a look at what could possibly happen in the NL. Hopefully I can pick up where gman left off so it will be out before the start of the season. And I thought the AL was tough. So let the crystal ball speak for itself.

1. Helena Ice Doggs - It isn't gonna be easy, but I think they will repeat once again.

Prediction: 100 - 62

Milwaukee Cervezeros - The Cervezeros has too much talent not to be considered for the number 2 slot. They will face some very stiff competition from division opponents.

Prediction: 90 - 72

Atlanta Southern Boys - The Southern Boys return for a chance to defend their title. Do they have the right stuff this year?

Prediction: 88 - 74

Syracuse Symbiotes - Under new ownership it is thought the Symbiotes will win the East with only a biting fight from the Dragons.

Prediction: 82 - 80

Honolulu Warriors - They could give the Ice Doggs all kinds of trouble this year.

Prediction: 96 - 66

6. Augusta A's - Hot on the Cervezeros tail, might just boil down to final division series for all four teams.

Prediction: 88 - 74

7. Cheyenne Sandors - The Sandors are also in a very tough division and another that could come down to the wire.

Prediction: 90 - 72

8. Oklahoma City Cowpunchers - The Southern Boys are going to find out that there are new kids in the division and could get branded.

Prediction: 86 - 76

9. Florida Storm - And if Okie City and Atalanta think they are the only ones in the mix, they are both mistaken.

Prediction: 86 - 76

10. Chicago FrozenKoreans - Not leaving out Chicago's chances in their division either.

Prediction: 88 - 74

11. Santa Cruz Pumas - Just when you thought the division was gonna be between the Doggs and Warriors, don't get comfortable and not look in the rear view mirror. One slip by either and the these little wild kitties will claw there way in.

Prediction: 86 - 76

12. Detroit Destroyers - The Destroyers could sneak in, no doubt about it.

Prediction: 85 - 77

13. New York Dragons - The Dragons refused to pay exorbitant arbitration prices for marginal players and moved players that couldn't play a position. It looks like the Dragons are in a type of rebuild mode. But they actually won the division last year on pitching not hitting or defense and it is back intact.

Prediction: 81 - 81

14. Texas Chili - It takes pitching to win and the Chili are short on good arms.

Prediction: 70 - 92

15. Washington D.C. Senators - The Senators are not as bad as they appear on paper and could surprise a few teams.

Prediction: 70 - 92

16. Philadelphia Fighting Quakers - The Quakers have been rebuilding and they keep getting better every year. Is this the year they make a run?

Prediction: 69 - 93

Analysis: The NL is gonna see a big rumble from 16 teams this year, none of which may actually win 100 games or even lose 100 for that matter, actually there might only be two teams that break 90 wins. It will be a fight to the finish in every division.