Sunday, July 27, 2008

NL East Preview

Season 4 record: 93-69 1st place

Star Watch: Harold Rogers

Rookie Watch: Ben Fox

Offense: 3

Defense: 3

Pitching: 4

Coaching: 4

Analysis: This team lost too much to return to the playoffs (sorry firesign!)

Draft Focus: SS, Pitching, CF

Philadelphia Fighting Quakers (NL)
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Season 4 record: 57 - 105 4th place

Star Watch: Jocko Allen

Rookie Watch: Junior Bennett

Offense: 3

Defense: 2

Pitching: 1

Coaching: 3

Analysis: Trying to return to the playoffs in a very tough division. Will the veteran pitchers perform as hoped for?

Draft Attention: Pitching, Good Defense

Season 4 record: 81-81 2nd place

Star Watch: Harry Felix, Donovan Mateo

Rookie Watch: Not much

Offense: 4

Defense: 4

Pitching: 4

Coaching: 6

Analysis: hatton98 saw this team was close to the playoffs and made some significant moves to put them over the hump.

Draft Attention: Pitching, another Power Bat

Washington D.C.
Washington D.C. Senators (NL)
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Season 4 record: 61-101 3rd place

Star Watch: Alfonso Ayala, Hulk Turner

Rookie Watch: Bart Wigginton, Trent Voyles

Offense: 2

Defense: 4

Pitching: 1

Coaching: 5

Analysis: Chase39 has done a good job retooling the minors and keeping this team respectable. Their time will come but not yet.

Draft Attention: Pitching, BPA