Sunday, July 27, 2008

NL West Preview

Season 4 record: 79-83 3rd place

Star Watch: Al Estrada

Rookie Watch: Carlos Fernandez, Irv Rooney

Offense: 4

Defense: 5

Pitching: 5

Coaching: 6

Analysis: This is a very young team, in a deep division. They could challenge for a wild card spot this year though.

Draft Focus: 1B, Pitching

Season 4 record: 102-60 1st place

Star Watch: Shep Beck, Ernie Regan, Diego Martin

Rookie Watch: Walt Wilson, Crash Reynolds, Tony Yamamoto, Robinson Aurilia

Offense: 5

Defense: 6

Pitching: 6

Coaching: 3

Analysis: This team has won 2 World Series already, and there is no reason they can't win a third. The best pitching team in the NL, and a young staff to boot. The offense is on the decline though, and getting older.

Draft Attention: 3B, Young Position Players

Season 4 record: 91-71 2nd place (Wildcard)
Star Watch: Russell Rizzuto, Dustin Durrington, Norman Mantei, Pablo Alvarado, Rogers Clifton

Rookie Watch: Not much

Offense: 5

Defense: 3

Pitching: 5

Coaching: 5

Analysis: A veteran squad that made the playoffs last year, Honolulu made some big free agent additions to get them back there this year.
Draft Attention: 1B, C, Pitching

Season 4 record: 66-96 4th place

Star Watch: Russell Thomas

Rookie Watch: Benito Benitez, Will Dunham

Offense: 4

Defense: 2

Pitching: 3

Coaching: 5

Analysis: After doing very well in Season 1, this team entered a rebuilding phase. They have some nice young pieces but are unlikely to get out of the NL West cellar this year.

Draft Attention: Pitching, 1B, LF