Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hometown Season 5 News

Once again Hometown has rolled into a new exciting season with a few minor changes as a few teams went bankrupt in the previous season. So far this off-season:

1. The Jacksonville Parrot Heads were bought by
hatton98 and moved to Syracuse and nicknamed the Symbiotes. hatton98 said " The players are relishing the fact they no longer have to play in the oppressive heat and rain storms.". However, the move of selling the team bus for a fleet of Schwinns has the medical staff up in arms needing to treat more cramps and especially those painful smelly saddle sores.

The Chicago Choking Goats that was taken over by FrozenK in the middle of last season were renamed the Chicago FrozenKoreans.

3. The Detroit Dirtbags were sold to rookie owner
jdrury65 and renamed the Destroyers.

4. The Florida MaNaTeE's were sold to
rookie owner scott00793 and renamed the Storm.

5. The
controlling interest of the Hartford Whalers was bought up by rookie owner tchagnon and moved to Pawtucket.

railbird77 decided the small market in EL Paso wasn't generating enough revenue and after a long fight with City Council and the Diablos, moved the team to Oklahoma City and nicknamed them the Cowpunchers.

7. The Chicago Mobsters organization was bought by
cavone and moved to Richmond and nicknamed the Cavaliers. Chicago fans rioted and beseeched the commissioner for a new team to take their place after finding out that the only FrozenKoreans tickets left are SRO. Meanwhile the city of Richmond threw a confetti filled parade and promptly sold all tickets for the season.

The Tampa Bay Splashlogs were finally sold to danmam, after a thorough and careful interview search, who also moved the team from the oppressive heat for the city of Little Rock and nicknamed them the Patriots. Personally, I think it was a ploy to distract their cousins, the Hillbillies.

GOOOD Luck to everyone this season.