Wednesday, September 17, 2008

AL Power Rankings

1. Nashville Hillbillies (16): Overall the best pitching team in the AL coupled with good defense and hitting.
2. Boise SpudPeddlers (34): Good pitching and away hitting. The standings don't show it, but their hitting at home is almost last..shhhhh
3. Boston Liberty (42): The Green Monster has a lot of dents in it this year.
4. Houston Rocket Launchers (45): The formula hasn't liked Houston all year, so why should it change now. It likes their hitting and pitching, but that defense is pretty lackluster.
5. Austin Black Socks (47): Has problems at home but on the road, look out.
6. Seattle Rain Drops (50): Pitching is pretty even, now to find the right hitting package at home.
7. Vancouver Primetimers (52): They can hit. Did I mention they can hit?
8. Toronto FivTs (52): Not a bad team overall and getting better.
9. Las Vegas Cat House (53): Also looking for that home hitting package.
10. Richmond Cavaliers (56): Can pitch in the comfy confines and hit a little, on the road is another matter.
11. Oakland Oaks (58): This team can pitch, but not much help from other sources.
12. Pawtucket Whalers (85): Getting better
Colorado Bombers (86): Gotta find a new home...
14. Little Rock Patriots (90): Pitching ads everywhere
15. New York Mets (92): Improving
Pittsburgh Punks (95): If we can just get the fatigue issue solved.