Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NL Power Rankings

1. Helena Ice Doggs (14): Best pitching in the NL along with the best defense and hitting isn't too bad either.
2. Augusta A's (31): Best hitting team in the NL and the #2 pitching team at home.
3. Syracuse Symbiotes (34): Overall they are the 3rd best hitting team in the NL, best pitching comes on the road however, coupled with a good defense.
4. Cheyenne Sandors(39): They don't hit well and in reality don't pitch all that well at home, but the park and defense helps out. Their numbers are better on the road, but doesn't equate to wins.
5. Chicago FrozenKoreans (40): Hitting and defense saves the day at home sure isn't the pitching but on the raod it is their pitching others must worry about.
6. Honolulu Warriors (53): Everything suggests the park helps at home but they are road warroirs.
7. Florida Storm (57): Hitting and defense saves the day.
8. Oklahoma City Cowpunchers (62): A tough home team.
9. New York Dragons (62): Can play at home, put them on the road and they can't do anything right.
10. Atlanta Southern Boys (63): Can pitch at home and hit away. Not a good scenario.
11. Milwaukee Cervezeros (64): A good hitting team and decent defense but it stops there.
12. Washington D.C. Senators (67): Decent pitching, now to find hitting.
12. Texas Chili (73): Got to get better hitting at home and pitching.
14. Philadelphia Fighting Quakers (92): Got to get better
Santa Cruz Pumas (99): Has a nucleus just needs to get better.
Detroit Destroyers (102): Help!