Sunday, August 24, 2008

Inter-League Play

Hometown recently finished its inter-league play for Season 5. In no big surprise the A.L. defeated the N.L. with a record of 103-89. Currently there are only 6 teams in the N.L. above 500. The A.L. on the other hand has eight teams over 500 with 2 teams only being one game below the mark. Some teams flourished in inter-league play while others forgot the games were being recorded. Nashville and New York were the best in the A.L. finishing with a 9-3 record over the 12 games. Five teams in the A.L Austin, Boise, Houston, Pawtucket and Seattle were right behind Nashville finishing with an 8-4 record in inter-league play. Pittsburgh was the team that forgot to show up as they finished with the worst record in the entire league over the 12 games as they finished 1-11. Nashville’s impressive record is somewhat overshadowed by the fact they got to play the worst statistical division in the N.L., that being the South. In fact Florida who is currently 9 games below 500 was the only team to win a series against Nashville in inter-league play. Both Houston and Austin who finished with an 8-4 mark also benefited from getting to play the N.L. South. The Mets the only other A.L. team to finish 9-3 also benefited from playing a weaker division in the N.L. East. Syracuse is the only team over 500 right now in that division. The N.L.’s best team in inter-league play was Syracuse, they also finished with a 9-3 record. Augusta, Chicago and Honolulu were close behind at 8-4 and Florida and Helena rounded out the top six as they finished with a 7-5 record. Washington was the worst team in the N.L. as they finished with a 2-10 record. Looking over the records of all the teams and comparing them with the divisions they played Boise and Seattle were the best from the A.L. because they both finished 8-4 and had to play one of the tougher divisions in the N.L. From the N.L. Honolulu was the best team as they finished with an 8-4 record and had to play three teams over 500. Other teams of note, Florida finished 7-5 which is only impressive because it was against the toughest division in the A.L. while Vancouver, Colorado and Las Vegas all finished 6-6 while having to play the toughest division from the N.L. The following shows which divisions played each other and their respective records with their inter-league play records in brackets.

AL North vs. NL North
Boise SpudPeddlers - 52-23 (8-4) Augusta A’s 53-22 (8-4)
Seattle Rain Drops - 38-37 (8-4) Chicago Frozen Koreans 47-28 (8-4)
Toronto FivT’s - 37-38 (7-5) Milwaukee Cervezeros 31-44 (3-9)
Pittsburgh Punks - 15-60 (1-11) Detroit Destroyers 29-46 (5-7)

AL East vs. NL East
Boston Liberty 43-32 (6-6) Syracuse Symbiotes 43-32 (9-3)
Richmond Cavaliers 37-38 (5-7) Washington D.C. Senators 31-44 (2-10)
New York Mets 33-42 (9-3) New York Dragons 31-44 (3-9)
Pawtucket Whalers 26-49 (8-4) Philadelphia Fighting Quakers 29-46 (6-6)

AL South vs. NL South
Houston Rocket Launchers 56-19 (8-4) Oklahoma City Cowpunchers 36-39 (4-8)
Nashville Hillbillies 49-26 (9-3) Texas Chili 34-41 (5-7)
Austin Black Socks 44-31 (8-4) Florida Storm 33-42 (7-5)
Little Rock Patriots 23-52 (3-12) Atlanta Southern Boys 31-44 (4-8)

AL West vs. NL West
Vancouver Primetimers 47-28 (6-6) Helena Ice Doggs 49-26 (7-5)
Oakland Oaks 42-33 (5-7) Honolulu Warriors 46-29 (8-4)
Las Vegas Cat House 41-34 (6-6) Cheyenne Sandors 42-33 (6-6)
Colorado Bombers 24-51 (6-6) Santa Cruz Pumas 28-47 (4-8)