Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sentinal Sitdown - PoconoMets

The New York Mets franchise in Hometown has made the playoffs three times. In seasons one, two and three the Mets were postseason bound but, two division titles and a wild card birth later the Mets have never won a playoff game. Year four was a tough one for the Mets finishing below 500 for the first time ever. So far the season has been much of the same for the Mets. Through 70 games this season the Mets are a disappointing 31-39. However this Mets team isn’t the same team that made it to the playoffs three years in a row. Realizing this the Mets traded for 34 year old Ira Perez and 30 year old Mickey Parker. Both players have been a welcomed addition as both have been productive. Clearly the plan is to win now but do the Mets have enough? The hitting for the Mets has been average but the pitching has not. The Mets pitching staff has the fifth worst ERA in the league this season at (5.33) They’ve allowed the most runs in their division and only one starter has an ERA under 4. Today the Sentinal Sitdown is with PoconoMets, GM of the New York Mets.

Q. Hey how are you doing? How are you enjoying the season so far?

I enjoy playing even if my team is not doing well. I think it's fair to the other owners if i try to win every game.

Q. Your team is off to a slow start, do you think they’ll be able to turn it around?

I've changed my pitching to a 6 man rotation and I think we're doing better. Currently on a 6 game winning streak.

Q. Your team’s ERA is fifth worst in the league. Did you think it was going to be that bad?

Not at all. It's really frustrating. Rosado hasn't lived up to his potential. My starting pitching payroll is 25million. Of course I expect them to produce.

Q. Are you hoping your pitching will come around or do you have plans to try to improve the staff before it’s too late? Or are you already planning on jumping in the free agent market in the upcoming off season?

With the 6 man rotation, the idea is to give them an extra day of rest. I always look around the Free agent market for the next big thing.

Q. Elmer Rossy the stud of your staff is having his worst year as a pro, his ERA right now is 5.21 that would be a career worse if the season ended today. Do you need him to be better to have any kind of chance this season?

Definately, he's got one more year in his contract and beleive me if he doesn't improve, it won't renegotiated. When you pay someone 7 million the expectations are high. Especially for the fans. He might read this in the papers tomorrow and who knows, it might light a fire under him.

Q. It appears evident that your plan was trying to get back to the playoffs this year with the addition of both Perez and Parker. Are you at all worried about the upcoming seasons and the lack of prospects?

Back in the 70's my good friend George Steinbrenner never worried. But seriously, I have little patience and my goal is to win at all cost. I may have to rethink that and try to replenish my minor league system.

Q. You just added Alex Strong from the FivT’s, and he will be expected to help out your staff right away, in fact he is already one of your better pitchers, are you expecting big things from him?

Yes, that's why i pulled the trigger on the trade. I need for the others to see his work ethic and try to emulate him.
Q. Your player payroll budget is over 100 million this year, do you think you’re going to keep it at that and build through free agency and trades opposed to the draft and the minors?

I have to sit down and evaluate the whole team. I may do a little of both. Obviously to remain competitive I would have to replenish the farm, but at the same time look for those pieces in FA market that would make a good fit.

Q. In your first year in Hometown you inherited an aging playoff team which made the playoffs in that year, however since then you haven’t made it back. What do you think it’s going to take to get you back to the playoffs, especially in the tough AL.?

For us to make it back, all the teams in AL would have to lose (LOL). As you mentioned before, the pitching is essential. I expect them to turn it around.

Q. Who do you think will win it all this year?

Houston Rocket Launchers man they can't be beat at home (24-7) it's insane.

Q. What’s your name

Domingo Ruiz
Q. How old are you

Q. Where are you from

Born and raised in the Bronx, New York. Married and moved to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania now reside in Las Vegas.
Q. Fav ML team

Did you really have to New York Mets

Q. fav all time player

Roberto Clemente

Q. Do you have a franchise model?
Pitching and defense

thank you.