Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Sentinal Sit Down

Today’s Guest – Gman – Toronto FivT’s GM and Commissioner
This is year five for GMan, owner of the Toronto FivT’s. It seems that every year is a rebuilding year for Toronto. In the previous four seasons Gman is 292-518 at the major league level. However his combined record in the minors from AAA, AA, High A and Low A over the past four seasons is 1612 – 692 and has won nine minor leauge championships. The future has never looked brighter than it does right now for the FivT’s. With talent at the major league level right now and tons of prospects on the way the FivT’s could turn into a dynasty overnight. Today the Sentinal Sitdown is with Gman, GM of the FivT’s and the commissioner of Hometown.

Q. What is the deal with your team name?
A. I was going to name them the five tools, but it was too long so I decided to change it to Five T’s but that looked awkward on the jersey and hat. So I decided on the FivT’s and I have no idea how to pronounce it.

Q. So it’s a play on words around a five tool player
A. yea

Q. Your team is on a bit of a run as you’ve almost got back to 500 at the major league level, do you feel that your team is under performing?
A. Yea, I do I don’t think I'm good enough to make the playoffs but I definitely think my pitching should be better. I actually think the playoffs will be the same as last year.

Q. How frustrating is it to see Carlton Byrne having a Cy young season when you almost got him?
A. (laughs) Clearly its annoying, I found him and tried to get him before anybody, I mean I put the work in and I understand that the trade was vetoed but of course it’s still frustrating. I completely understand getting it vetoed but as soon as it’s vetoed he gets several offers for him and I would have been willing to match any offer for him so yea of course it’s frustrating.

Q. Of all of your prospects do you have a favourite? And why?
A. Umm, I cant pick one, probably Marquis. I traded a 2 time all star and silver slugger to get him so he better be good. I don’t think he is weak at anything and he is a starting pitcher.

Q. How have you enjoyed taking over as commissioner this year?
A. It hasn’t been that much of a change, I have more responsibility in recruiting I suppose, but I haven’t really done anything that I didn’t do last year, I mean I haven’t done anything to effect the league.

Q. If you had to bet on it who wins it all this year who would it be?
A. Nashville, hard question.

Q. Will next year be the year you make the playoffs at the ML level?
A. Yes.

The Sentinal Sit Down - Standard Questionaire
Q. What’s your name - Greg
Q. How old are you - 21
Q. Where are you from – Hamilton Ontario Canada
Q. Fav ML team – The Blue Jays
Q. Did you model your franchise after a real team? – The Devil Rays
Q. Fav all time player – Roberto Alomar