Saturday, August 23, 2008

Season 5 Draft Prospects 17-32

HtSSN - The Season 5 Draft was held this AM with few surprises. Who made out in the draft is the question and from the looks of things, the IFA's did as their prices skyrocketed after the draft. So lets look at the first round crop. Overall is what I think of the player and the value grade is what I think of his value at that draft spot. Both grades are pulled completely out of my a** and very subjective.

17. Bill Spruill, C Boston Liberty Good: Defense, Righties Bad: Versus Lefties Probability: Excellent Platoon Catcher Overall Rating: A catcher that hits righties very well and plays outstanding defense is always valuable. You may not want to start him against lefties too often, but seeing as you're carrying 2 catchers anyways, this is a really good pick by Boston here. B+ Overall/A Value

18. Bernie Rossy, RF Oklahoma City Cowpunchers Good: Versus Lefties, Baserunning Bad: Versus RightiesProbability: RF Overall Rating: Rossy is outstanding against lefties, but his weak bat against righties, and the fact that he will need to be paid overslot, if he signs, means I'm not a big fan of this pick. B- Overall/C Value

19. Lewis Harvey, 3B Colorado Bombers Good: Well rounded contact hitter, can play everyday, some speed Bad: Not a 2B as listed Probability: 3B Overall Rating: Great value hear in my opinion. Harvey is nt a 2B but should be productive, good fielding 3B, with some speed. Overall B+/A- Value

20. Evan Davis, SS, Las Vegas Cathouse Good: Power, Can stay at SS, versus Lefties Bad: Not gonna win a gold glove, low walks high k's Probability: SS Overall Rating: I like this pick, but this is my type of player. Davis will be right on or around the requirements at SS, with excellent power, especially from a SS, and can hit lefties and righties. A poor eye but excellent pick at this point. Overall A-/Value A

21. Sammy Pelaez, P Atlanta Southern Good: Outstanding pitches, solid splits Bad: Not the best control Probability: 3/4 Starter Overall Rating: I still have no idea what exactly is best for a pitcher. Pelaez has great pitches so that a plus, but I usually look for higher control, especially since he doesn't have outstanding splits, just good. But a SP this late in the draft is always a good pick. Overall: B+/A-/Value: B+/A-

22. Sun-Woo Lee, P Oakland Oaks Good: Control, Solid Splits Bad: 2 Weak pitches Probability: 3/4 Starter Overall Rating: See? Lee is the opposite of Pelaez with great control, slightly weaker splits, and 2 weak pitches, a very good one, and a solid one. I think Pelaez will likely be more successful but this pick gets pretty much the same grade as above.

23. Samuel Murphy, RF Augusta A's Good: Solid all-around Bad: Solid all around, weak glove Probability: 7th in the lineup Overall Rating: Murphy can play everyday and against all pitchers, but wont be outstanding against any of them. This is good depending on what you're looking for. Overall B-/Value B.

24. Charlie Plant, 3B Honolulu Warriors Good: Bat, Defense Bad: Signability Probability: 3B Overall Rating: This is clearly the best pick in the draft if Plant signs. His bat plays against all pitchers, with an excellent eye, solid speed and baserunning, and plus hitting skills and solid power. Plant may be able to pull of 3B, but could be a gold glove RF. Overall A/Value A+ if signs, C if he doesnt. Honolulu swung for the fences and I give them credit for that.

25. Wolf Knight, SS New York Dragons Good: Can play SS Bad: Nothing overly special Probability: SS, 2B Overall Rating: Knight was a solid pick by firesign. He can pull off SS, but as is common, would probably be better suited for 2B. Knight's bat isnt anything too special, but this isn't needed as much at SS, and could be a solid regular. A good pick at this point in the draft. Overall B, Value B+.

26. Howard Fitzgerald, CF Boise Spudpeddlers Good: Eye, Defense, Speed, Contact Bad: Power, worse against righties Probability: CF Overall Rating: I like this pick here. A guy who can field 2B and CF well, with an excellent eye, good contact against both sides, and playable power is a nice find here. Overall B+/ Value A-.

27. Danny Young, P Milwaukee Cervezeros Good: Control Bad: Pitches, vL Probability: Long relief/mopup Overall Rating: Young has terrible pitches, and isnt very good against lefties. I think hes better suited for a mopup role, as he can pitch a lot, just not very well. Overall C-/Value C

28. Sean Sosa, P Austin Black Socks Good: Control, vR, pitches Bad: Can he start Probability: long relief, spot start Overall Rating: Can Sosa start? I dont think so. This is kind of the opposite pick of Young above, but I'd rather have Sosa, who can pitch less but pitch a lot better. He should bea terrific long reliever out of the pen. Overall B/B+, Value B+/A-

29. Burt Key, 2B Houston Rocket Launchers Good: Contact, Base stealing skills Bad: Cant play 2B, power Probability: LF Overall Rating: Key cant play 2B, but should be a good leadoff or number 2 from LF. I like to hvae more power from the corner OF spots, but hey, thats me. This is still a good pick here. Overall B/Value B+

30. Santos Gutierrez, 2B Vancouver Primetimers Good: Contact Bad: A stretch at 2B, Power Probability: LF Overall Rating: Gutierrez is going to be a poor fielder at 2B, and I dont think he'll hit enough, or is fast enough, to man LF. Overall C+/Value B-

31. Derrin Black, 2B Helena Ice Doggs Good: Contact, Base stealing skills Bad: Defense, Pop Probability: LF Overall Rating: Wow there are a lot of COF like this. Good spead, solid splits, 45-55 power. Blacks a good pick here but may not sign. Not a ton of ML after this pick so good risk by erff. Overall B/Value B if signs, C- if not.

32. Mark Clinton, RF Honolulu Warriors Good: Speed, Baserunning Bad: Power Probability: RF Overall Rating: I think this is another good pick by drarcher with the last one in the round. Clinton is another speedy COF, but will steal some bases and hit righties pretty well. Overall B-/Value B+