Friday, August 29, 2008

Sentinal Sitdown - Dwyck07

Dwyck07 took over as G.M. at the end of season 1. In his four seasons to date his Milwaukee Cervezeros are a combined 323 – 250. They have 2 playoff appearances under their belts as they won the AL North in both season 2 and 4. However a return trip to the postseason this year seems unlikely. Through 87 games Milwaukee sits at 38 and 47. That puts them 21 games back in the division and 18 games behind Honolulu for the last remaining wild card spot. Unless they plan on going on a major winning streak this season will be a disappointment for Milwaukee. The Cervezeros have had 3 big problems this season. 1. They’re in a division with Chicago and Augusta, 2. They’re hitting and 3. One run games. Chicago and Augusta have a combined 114 wins respectively, if Milwaukee is going to make a run they’re going to have to go through the both of them. Secondly their hitting hasn’t been anything to write home about. Their pitching has been average. Their team E.R.A. is 4.42 which rank them 16th in the Majors. However their hitting is the main problem. Their team batting average is 258. That puts them 25th in the M.L. As much as baseball is a team game Milwaukee has some individuals that need to be better. Unlike other teams where we have seen star players under performing Milwaukee’s players have just been mediocre. Examples include Mark James the 24 year old was a career 299 hitter coming into this year but is only hitting 261. The Milwaukee team hasn’t been awful but their inconsistency and mediocre hitting are killing them. They are a league worst 6 – 19 in one run games and 3-6 in Extra inning games. If Milwaukee was somehow around 500 in one run games and extra inning games their new record would be 46 – 41. Milwaukee isn’t incapable of making a run but 87 games into the season and 18 games back of the wild card a streak of epic proportions will be needed. Today on the Sentinal Sitdown we are fortunate to have Dwyck07 G.M. of the Milwaukee Cervezeros.

Q. What in the world are the Cervezeros?
A. Cervezeros is spanish for Brewers, its a nod the to Milwaukee Brewers.

Q. Coming off a playoff berth last year were you expecting to make it back this season?
A. I didnt expect it but i knew it wasnt gonna be like last year after Augusta and Chicago went out and improved their teams in the off-season, especially Augusta throwing money around like he lost his damn mind

Q. Your pitching has been average so far this year, who needs to be better?
A. Pep Baker and Damaso Lopez need to start earning their money and my 4 and 5 spots need to do better in the rotation.

Q. Clearly you can’t be that impressed with your hitting. Are you planning on making a move to shuffle them up?

Q. Who specifically needs to be better?
A. Mark James,Mark James as he goes so do we 2-time MVP i went out and got Tim Hutch, what is killing me is the top of the order that 2 spot is killing me.

Q. With Augusta and Chicago looking so good this year what do you have to do to keep Milwaukee at a high level to compete with them?
A. This division is tough top to bottom, i really think its just an off year for us, they made moves in the offseason and i didnt i stood pat.Its like that sometimes i think it goes back to Mark James and not having a no.2 hitter

Q. Do you think you’re capable of making a run this year or are you already planning for next year?
A. Unless the owners of Augusta and Chicago loss internet access no i dont think i have a shot, i made a few moves in anticipation of next year getting help in the rotation with Wilkerson and acquiring Mason for the bullpen and getting Hutch

Q. Who do you think will win it all this year?
A. Id like to see either Chicago or Augusta, my boy Knuckles put together a good team in chicago, no knock on the new owner of Chicago

Q. Whats your name - Alex
Q. How old are you - 34
Q. Fav Team - Milwaukee Brewers and the Azucareros of Yabucoa(thats my hometown in Puerto Rico
Q. Fav Player - Paul Molitor
Q. Do you have a franchise model - not really