Monday, September 1, 2008

A "Good" Trade

It seems like just a few days ago that Nashville traded for Pittsburgh’s ace Mendy Knott. It also seems like just a few days ago that Rounders31 was a guest on the Sentinal Sitdown and Shortstop Jermaine Good was discussed at length. Yesterday a huge blockbuster trade took place between Nashville and Colorado. Nashville dealt away future ace Omar Gonzales, Shortstop Gene Hyers and Left fielder Estaban Chavez for Shortstop Jermaine Good, Relief pitcher David Lee and pitching prospect Dan Ryan. With any trade the immediate question is who won. The answer is up for debate and will be for some time. Nashville receives a future star at Shortstop in Good but at the same time they send a future ace in Gonzales. Nashville also receives David Lee who will be a solid reliever this year and a decent pitching prospect in Dan Ryan. The only question mark in the deal is Estaben Chavez. He has three years remaining paying him 4 million dollars per season. Chavez’s play has steadily declined the last few years and his current contract will keep in Colorado for the next three years until the age of 32. He has the potential to be better but has only time will tell whether or not he will live up to his potential. Essentially this trade will be remembered for Omar Gonzales and Jermaine Good. Gonzales was well aware that he had been on the block for some time now but Good was certainly shocked. Gonzales knew that with the addition of Knott one of the Starting pitchers was expendable. “Well I’m not a reliever” he said, he went on to say “Colorado has a real bright future and at least I’ll be appreciated there.” Good on the other hand was completely shocked about the move. “Yea I didn’t see it coming, I was just focusing on baseball and I didn’t put much faith in the rumours… but what are you going to do, I’m going to a team with a chance to win the World Series.” Gonzales has been on the block for the entire year and Nashville has been waiting for the right trade in return and this was it. Good is hitting 299 with 38 Homeruns 95 RBI this season while Gonzales has an ERA of 4.69 and is 4-3 this season. Time will tell who got the better end of the deal but for this season Nashville adds an All Star Shortstop to its already talented lineup. With days before the trade deadline more deals are likely to happen but odds are nothing will be as big as the Gonzales for Good trade.