Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Division Rivalries part 2

HtSSN-How did the after All-Star break division rivalries shake things up? Did someone make up ground or fall further into the pit of dismay? After all this was a chance to make a run at the leaders.

AL North

Boise went 6-4 while Toronto went 7-3 and gained a game on the leader. Mean while the Pittsburgh fans are cheering as they won a couple. Seattle didn't help their cause going 5-5.

AL East

Richmond (6-4) gained two games on leader Boston (4-6) tightening the race there. New York and Pawtucket went 5-5 and didn't hurt nor help their stance.

AL South

Nashville (9-1) trumpeted their way closer to Houston (5-5) cutting the lead in half. Austin (5-5) didn't help its chances in pursuit of a wild card spot. Little Rock (3-7) gave their all.

AL West

Vancouver (7-3) solidified its hold on first place gaining a game on Las Vegas (6-4), who are still in the hunt for a wild card. Oakland (4-6) hoped to gain ground but fell short in their hunt also. Colorado (3-7) made sure to throw in a couple losses to the other teams.

NL North

Augusta (7-3) was the clear winner as Chicago (5-5) slipped 2 games back. Milwaukee (6-4) still playing hard trying to catch up while Detroit (2-8) had their problems.

NL East

Syracuse (6-4) made sure no one would gain ground but Washington D.C. went 6-4 also not losing ground. New York (5-5) kept losing late and Philadelphia (3-7) is still reeling after those last three 1 run games.

NL South

Florida went 7-3 and stormed their way into first place as Oklahoma City (3-7) just didn't have the punch. Texas and Atlanta both went 5-5.

NL West

Helena (6-4) remained in first place but Honolulu (7-3) is hunting the pack and gained ground.
Cheyenne (3-7) and Santa Cruz (4-6) fell further behind.