Tuesday, September 30, 2008

LCS War To Follow

HtSSN-The League Championship series is set. As usual it will be a good one. The world has a history that was only interrupted last year by upstart Atlanta. Will history repeat itself one more time as the four teams do battle?

AL History: Last years Boise team was the lowest seed to play in a LCS at #3.

Boise vs Nashville: These two paired off last year in the LCS as Nashville went on to win the World Series. Like last year it should go 7 games. Boise may be better than last years squad and Nashville may be a little weaker but not by much as indicated by their record. But I think it is because the other teams are getting stronger.

Prediction: If anything it will be that Nashville has home field advantage and a slight advantage in the hitting department. It should go 7 games and be close.

NL History: Other than Atlanta last year, either the #1 seed or the #6 seed has went on to the World Series and lo and behold, it is #1 vs #6.

Chicago vs Helena: Chicago has had an impressive run in the playoffs. Their pitching has done very well in the post season along with their hitting. Helena had a rough time dispatching Florida who had their dreams shattered in game 5.

Prediction: Chicago hitting needs to prevail over Helena pitching which it can do. Chicago pitching must keep up its playoff mastery. Helena has an advantage of hitting over the Chicago pitching. Advantage goes to Helena albeit a very slim margin.