Saturday, September 27, 2008


HtSSN- The first round of the playoffs are over and such a surprise they were.

Houston vs Boston: I for one didn't think Boston had the pitching to stop Houston. Although Houston's achilles heel rose its ugly head in game 2 with 5 errors and may have been their undoing losing the game 7-6 as they made a valiant comeback but fell short. Game 4 in Houston hurt the most as they were not able to overcome Bostons 4 run first inning losing 4-3. "Fear Not" is the battle cry in Houston as their youthful team will only get better, much better.

Boston vs Nashville: This could be a wild affair.
Prediction: Nashville in 4 games as their pitching will shut down the Boston attack.

Austin vs Vancouver: No surprise here as it turns out. Although it could have been a disaster if Austin's bull pen didn't melt down in game 2 giving up 3 taters in the 7th as Vancouver erased a three run deficit to take the leand and the win. What would have happened if it went to a 5th game?

Vancouver vs Boise: This could be a tough series that could go either way. Boise won the 10 game series between the two after an early season sweep at home but were 3-4 after. Should be a great series for sure.
Prediction: A well rested Boise team could have the edge.

Honolulu vs Florida: Did the 9th inning error spell doom for Honolulu as they had game 1 well in hand till that point as Florida went on to win in the 12th inning. Honolulu hitting was put to sleep after that by Florida pitching.

Florida vs Helena: Florida didn't fare well against Helena all season.
Prediction: There is nothing to suggest anything other than a possible Helena sweep.

Chicago vs Syracuse: Chicago pitching more than put Syracuse hitting to sleep allowing only 12 hits in the 3 game sweep.

Chicago vs Augusta: Maybe the best round 2 match up. Chicago actually holds the edge in this division rivalry.
Prediction: This one could go either way as they are evenly matched.