Tuesday, September 16, 2008

PlayOff Picture

HtSSN-With 24 games left to play, it is time to look at the playoff picture. Was going to do this Sunday, but the windy weather didn't permit.

AL North: The Boise SpudPeddlers have more or less wrapped up the division for the 3rd straight year and 4th in organization history.

AL East: The Richmond Cavaliers currently lead the Boston Liberty by 1 game and looks like it will be a fight to the end as the loser will be home watching the playoffs.

AL South: The Nashville Hillbillies currently lead the Houston Rocket Launchers by 8 games. Both teams are playoff bound as Houston has a comfortable wild card lead. This would be the 3rd straight crown for Nashville.

AL West: The Vancouver Primetimers currently lead the Oakland Oaks by 10 games. This would be Vancouver's 2nd straight crown and the organizations 4th.

AL Wild Card Race: Houston has the 1st wild card spot pretty well wrapped up with the Austin Black Sox a distant 2nd. With the Oakland Oaks being 3 games behind Austin being the chief competitor at this time.

NL North: The Augusta A's currently lead the Chicago FrozenKoreans by 6 games, not insurmountable but tough. This would be Augusta's 2nd crown and 3rd straight playoff appearance.

NL East: The Syracuse Symbiotes have more or less wrapped up the division crown and the 3rd in their history.

NL South: The Oklahoma City Cowpunchers are in 1st today as the 1 game lead over the Florida Storm is very tenuous and with the Texas Chili breathing down both their necks at 2 back.

NL West: The Helena Ice Doggs has a somewhat comfortable 7 game lead over the Honolulu Warriors. This could be Helena's 4th division crown and 5th playoff appearance.

NL Wild Card Race: The Honolulu Warriors currently hold the #1 spot with the Chicago FrozenKoreans 3 games back with the Cheyenne Sandors being the chief competitor to take one of the spots away if either one should slip.