Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rule 5 Draft For Season 6

As with any season, several players were taken in the Rule V Draft. Although many of these players never make it to Spring Training. Many teams are hopeful that a player could become a true ML player and many of the players hope they can fulfill their baseball dreams.

Top 10 Drafted:
1. Benito Benitez - Selected by Pittsburgh and was probably the number 1 choice on everyones board. Most of the tools are there to be a sucessful pitcher in the Majors, but never really showed his potential in the minors.

2. Yamil Fernandez - Selected by
Santa Cruz and this pitcher has a bit of a control problem but could have a decent career in the Majors.

3. J.J. Floyd - Selected by
Little Rock and this RF could be a nice hitting addition if he stays healthy.

4. Miguel James - Selected by
Philadelphia and another pitcher that really never wowed coaches in the minors. He could have sucess in the Majors though it may be slow in showing.

5. Wilson Torrealba - Selected by
Pawtucket as a SS. Has good ability at the plate, but in the field he is defenseless. He could make a good 3B or a COF.

6. Ken Ryan - Selected by
Charlotte and is a setup/closer that shows some promise.

7. Theo Beimel - Selected by
New York and is a defensive SS. He will not wow anybody at the plate, but can play any major position very well.

8. Ted Mathews - Selected by
Washington and is a setup/closer. Hampered by injury already, they took a chance on a player that could have a good future.

9. Sun Matsuzaka - Selected by
Monterrey and is a SS. Monterrey was hoping one of the other two SS were available as he has hit the waiver wire already.

10. Trent Wilkins - Selected by
Richmond and is a pitcher. Hampered by injuries throughout his short career could make his ML career a short one also. He does have the tools to stick around if he stays healthy.

Jerome Dale - Selected by
Cheyenne and a defensive C. He is capable of being a superstar behind the plate.