Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Preseason Preview and Predictions

The AL North

Will the Spuds repeat or will Toronto assert themselves? One thing will be certain, Pittsburgh will be much much better. Look for a heated battle for sure between the Spuds and FivT's with the Rain Drops and Punks to stir up trouble.

1. Boise SpudPeddlers
2. Toronto FivTs
3. Seattle Rain Drops
Pittsburgh Punks

The NL North
This was a horse race last year and expect the same this year. Don't expect a 100 win team this year though. I do expect 3 possible playoff teams and Toledo will be much better.

Augusta A's
Milwaukee Cervezeros
Chicago FrozenKoreans
Toledo Mud Hens

The AL East
Boston and Richmond fought to the end last year. Boston is much stronger this year, then again so are the other three teams in the division. This will shape up to be a three team race in the end.
Pawtucket made strides last year but are still lagging behind the others. Charlotte could be a dark horse surprise.

1. Boston Liberty
Richmond Cavaliers
Charlotte Tar Heels
Pawtucket Whalers

The NL East
Syracuse will have a fight on their hands from the rest of the their division but should prevail in the end. It is possible the
Senators will take the top spot and don't underestimate the Quakers. The Dragons will leave defenseless teams with nightmares.

Washington D.C. Senators
Syracuse Symbiotes
3. Philadelphia Fighting Quakers
New York Dragons

The AL South
The Nashville and the Charleston juggernauts. The 'Dogs moved to Charleston but did they solve their defensive woes? Did last years WS Title get into the Hillbillies head? Look for another three team race. Don't expect another 120 game winner though. The crystal ball actually likes Nashville to finish last and Austin to win it all. Ok, so I threw that ball in the trash. Look for the Patriots to be much better.

1. Nashville Hillbillies
Charleston RiverDogs
Austin Black Socks
Little Rock Patriots

The NL South
This was a four team race last year in a weak division. All four got stronger in the off season, so why would it change this year? Not in the least, as any four of them could win it.

Florida Storm
2. Monterrey Rayados
Atlanta Southern Boys
4. Texas Chili

The AL West
Speaking of a four team race, WoW!, the winner could be determined on the last day of the season this year. The Spades leaving Colorado will have a big impact and the Oakies could surprise.

Las Vegas Cat House
2. Oakland Oaks
3. Vancouver Primetimers
4. Scottsdale Spades

The NL West
Helena went to the WS last year, could it be a repeat? The other three teams will have a lot of say in that as will the rest of the league. They are all stronger this year.

Cheyenne Sandors
2. Helena Ice Doggs
3. Honolulu Warriors
4. Santa Cruz Pumas


Last year there were three teams that had 100 win seasons. I expect only 2 this year and they are in the same division. There were four teams that had 100 losses last year, expect only 1 this season.

Nashville Hillbillies - How could you not say they will be the best team?
Toronto FivTs - All the pieces are there, but Boise will have something to say.
Boston Liberty - Too much improved not to be considered.
Las Vegas Cat House - It could be any of the four.
Charleston RiverDogs - Could easily change places with Nashville.
Austin Black Socks - There are actually 6 teams that could end in this spot.

Last year there were only two 100 game winners, I am not even sure there will be 1 this season.
Three teams lost 100 games last season, I don't think there will be 1 this year. Has the NL reached a parity?

Cheyenne Sandors - Squeaks in ahead of the other two division foes.
2. Milwaukee Cervezeros - I look for them to return to winning form.
3. Florida Storm - Learned alot and how to win last year.
Washington D.C. Senators - Much stronger than they appear.
Helena Ice Doggs - Still disappointed over the WS loss.
Honolulu Warriors - a host of others could be here also.