Sunday, November 16, 2008

A 16 Day Look Around the Minors Day 11

The scouts were amazed at what was found today. Their eyes were all buggy and wanted me to trade players I didn't even have.

Honolulu Warriors
Grade A: Dan Morton-2B: Ok, RF is the place to be. Almost ML ready and should be a pretty decent long ball hitter.
Grade A: Charlie Plant-RF: Maybe not the most graceful catching the ball, but his hitting says he will make up for it and could become a fast track player.
Grade A: Midre Berroa-SS: Defensively outstanding and could be a GG at SS or CF. Hitting will keep him from being an All-Star but still is not all that shabby with a bat in hand.

Richmond Cavaliers
Grade A: J.T. Anderson-RF: 1B will probably be a good destination. His bat suggests that it it won't be long before he will be with the ML club.
Grade A: Horacio Vallarta-CL: What everyone looks for in an every day closer, this kid has it all and will be ready soon.
Grade A: Bryan Blanton-RF: What is better than having one 1B in the minors? Having a younger better one of course, having 20 HRs in Low A tells ya that.