Monday, November 17, 2008

A 16 Day Look Around the Minors Day 12

Today the scouts were in a tizzy as the amateur draft prospects came out. I am not sure what everyone else sees in that realm, but to me it leaves a little to be desired. Looks like everyone will get at least one and maybe two ML caliber players, but not much more than that. I was expecting to take two or more hours setting it up, surprised me when I was done in 45 minutes. At least the new updates went into place. The multiple action works like a champ and saves bunches of time. Haven't had time to check out all the new updates, but they look very useful.

Las Vegas Cat House
Grade A: J.D. Dickerson_SP: Good SP to LR, has great control and splits, but only one real good pitch with three decent ones may cause problems.
Grade A: Ernie Bradley-1B: Good defensively and should become a good power hitter.
Grade B: Jerry Burnett-C: Defensively very sound PC catcher. May not hit well, but will do it with some pop.

Pittsburgh Punks
Grade A: Max Romero-RP: Good control, decent splits and three good pitches. Closer or setup, should be good in either roll.
Grade B: Alvin Ryan-SP: Fantastic control and splits, but pitches leave a little bit to be desired.
Grade A: Cesar Zorrilla-SS: Maybe a little short in the glove, but not that serious. Pretty good with a bat also.