Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A 16 Day Look Around the Minors Day 15

Monterrey Rayados
Grade A: Rich Beltre-1B: Should be quite the hitter once he makes the ML roster and a very good 1B defensively.
Grade A: Max Polanco-2B: Probably a LF in disguise at the moment, but will be at the ML level because of his power hitting abilities.
Grade B: Tyler Carillo-RP: A long shot at making it as a end of rotation starter, so long relief will be his forte. Might be a little weak in the control department but the splits and pitches will cover nicely.

Pawtucket Whalers
Grade A+: Bruce Roberts-2B: One of the best projected 2B I have seen.
Grade A+: Garry Fischer-CL: Talk about shut down closers, this kid has it all.
Grade A: Dick Wall-RP: Could make long reliever status, but has enough control, splits and pitches to have a very nice ML career.

Oakland Oaks
Grade A+: Robin Richards-DH: Rarely do I pick a DH but this kid could also play emergency catcher. His hitting will make him feared around the league although he is having trouble at the AAA level right now, he will snap out of it. Pitchers already don't like pitching to him as his walk ratio indicates. The biggest drawback is his durability, but should easily be enough for 30+ HRs and 100+ walks in a season.
Grade A: Andre Camilli-SS: A SS he is not, the 30 errors already in AA shows that, but at 3B could very well garner accolades.
Grade A: Nicky Phelps-RP: Should become a nice every other day long reliever.