Monday, November 10, 2008

A 16 Day Look Around the Minors Day 5

The scouting department was a little amazed this fine morning when their scheduled itinerary was suddenly changed. It seems there was some misguided concerns about going in alphabetical order, so to quell the alphabetically challenged tantrums, a little reverse order random therapy is in order.

Washington D.C. Senators
Grade A: James Chang-SP: Although he has a little control issue at this time, his splits and pitches will make up for it in the end. Playing in RFK will help also as he is a fly ball pitcher.
Grade A: Cam Farrell-SP: His fast ball will lull hitters to sleep trying to determine what off speed pitch is coming next. Coupled with a PC catcher, hitters could go down swinging quite often.
Grade A: Torey Duran-SS: 3B or 2B and a little CF is more likely at the ML level defensively. Pitchers will definitely try and pitch around him when he has the bat in his hands.

Vancouver Primetimers
Grade A: Rico Guerrero-DH: Has the potential of being a great DH hitter but has failed to showcase his abilities.
Grade B: Tony Martinez-SP: Although listed as a SP, chances are he will be delegated to the pen in the ML due to his durability issue. Possessing medium to good pitching skills, will be a force one day.
Grade A: Fergie Stone-1B: Defensively sound at 1B and deceptively very capable at the plate might find this youngster as a ML call up at the end of the season.