Monday, November 10, 2008

IFA Signing

HtBSSN-The first big IFA signing of the season occurred recently as the Toledo Mud Hens signed Fernando Gutierrez to a 5 year MLB deal with a $15M bonus. Gutierrez hails from the Dominican Republic and has already played several years for the local team, the Funda Furies. At press time, his birth certificate could not be authenticated however, but is listed at being 22 years old. Known as "Leettle Scrawny" by his teammates, he brings his talents to the states. Listed as a SS, but is more at home at the "hot corner" and plays a real good 2B where he excelled defensively for the Furies. Although not a power hitter or speedster, has the ability to get on base and score quite frequently according to Furies records, which also showed him playing in every game for the last 6 years.

Gutierrez was in a somber mood at the press signing, seemingly unsure that he made the right decision of leaving his home town. Rumor has it that champagne bottles were popping at hbdgirl's Manhattan penthouse apartment and fans were cheering at the local sports bars after the signing was made public.