Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A 16 Day Look Around the Minors Day 6

The scouts report looking at these two clubs in comparison, shows Toronto as a team on the rise for awhile and Toledo as a team rebuilding the minors. Who has the better advantage depends on what happens in the next two seasons. A good draft and a good IFA will go a long ways in the rebuilding process this year in Toledo.

Toronto FivTs
Grade A: Jorge James-SS: Not really defensive capable at SS or CF but at 3B or 2B would be outstanding coupled with his power house hitting could be a future star. The best part, he is ML ready and has room to grow.
Grade A: Mario Loaiza-Sp: Most would have this guy in the ML already as either a long reliever or end of rotation starter.
Grade A: Sergei Ellis-2B: Defensively weak for 2B but can play a good COF or super 1B. A bit over rated in my books, but it is due to his hitting capabilities, even with the somewhat average eye. Other than being too young, is ML ready.

Toledo Mud Hens
Grade B: Julio Ontiveros-3B: Although a bit weak for 3B, will find a home at COF one day. Good eye, even splits with power to spare. Will hit 30 HRs and probably bat .270 at the ML level.
Grade B: Barry Patterson-RF: Will make the Show at 1B in my estimation. Decent hitting abilities and will make lefties think twice at giving him a pitch to hit.
Grade B: Harry Reyes-SP: Somewhat weak splits, but the control and pitches make up for that greatly. How he plays in the ML could change his prospectus to "Grade A" easy enough.