Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Season 6 Power Rankings #1

It is that time of year for the first power rankings of this young season. If you think they are a bit odd to start, they probably will be. Most of it has to do with the schedule and for some the stadiums. Those of you that chose Nashville was right btw.

1. Nashville Hillbillies (17) The best hitting team, the best home pitching team, defense is good. Vulnerable to losing close games.

2. Toronto FivTs (36) The best even team all the way around. More vulnerable at home due to their lackluster hitting.

3. Las Vegas Cat House (42) Actually has trouble in the hitting department and pitching on the road.

4. Boise SpudPeddlers (44) Speaking of hitting problems, defense bails them out on the road.

5. Boston Liberty (46) Depends on hitting at home and pitching on the road.

6. Charlotte Tar Heels (54) Can't hit nor pitch at home, but hard to beat on the road. Hard to believe that it could be a stadium problem.

7. Charleston RiverDogs (56) Well, can't put blame on the defense this season. Having a hard time hitting on the road and pitching is a let down so far.

8. Scottsdale Spades (58) Home field and defense is a problem.

9. Oakland Oaks (59) Hitting and defense is the problem here so far.

10. Austin Black Socks (65) Where oh where has my pitching staff gone?

11. Pittsburgh Punks (67) Can't hit at home and can't pitch away and the defense is not helping.

12. Richmond Cavaliers (68) Hitting at home and pitching away..popular theme this young season.

13. Vancouver Primetimers (70) The system doesn't like Vancouver at all. Good home hitting covers the bad pitching and lackluster numbers on the road from both doesn't help.

14. Pawtucket Whalers (81) We can hit at home!!!

15. Seattle Rain Drops (89) We are experimenting and it isn't working.

16. Little Rock Patriots (100) We are having fun.


1. Florida Storm (28) Home is not pitcher friendly.

2. Syracuse Symbiots (38) Home is where the heart is, but on the road...oh my!

3. Milwaukee Cervezeros (41) Hits at home, pitches away and defense costs us dearly.

4. New York Dragons (42) Can't hit at home at all, can't win the close ones, can't win in extra innings. In simple words, play well-lose anyway. Have an Exp PCT of .550 and a win PCT of .382...enough said.

5. Atlanta Southern Boys (47) If we could just hit on the road and play defense.

6. Helena Ice Doggs (50) When we start hitting, we will win.

7. Cheyenne Sandors (53) We have been lucky on the road so far.

8. Augusta A's (54) Hitting will start soon, we hope.

9. Honolulu Warriors (54) Got to buy new gloves....

10. Monterrey Rayados (56) Hitting protects the pitching at home, pitching saves the day on the road.

11. Chicago FrozenKoreans (60) Best hitting team on the road, so-so at home, good thing because the pitching took a leave of absence.

12. Texas Chili (78) We play in Texas, that means we can hit.

13. Washington D.C. Senators (79) Slowly working the kinks out.

14. Philadelphia Fighting Quakers (85) We hit....

15. Santa Cruz Pumas (92) We are young and scrappy.

16. Toledo Mud Hens (95) Rebuilding is fun