Thursday, November 13, 2008

A 16 Day Look Around the Minors Day 8

It is day 8 and the scouts are tired already. I think they are getting upset with me as the report out of Chicago was a little odd and will leave FrozenK scratching his head also. Seattle is a place to find players that have great careers where they wouldn't in other places.

Chicago FrozenKoreans
Grade B: Matt Nelson-C: A very good defensive PC catcher. His biggest problem is right handed pitchers, he just can't get lucky enough to hit them.
Grade B: Doug Magruder-2B: It looks like he will be destined to COF at the ML level, where he may have a nice career.
Grade A: Cesar Soriano-DH: Has some very good hitting qualities. Could play a decent 1B.
Grade UNK: Quilvio Juarez-SS: The scouts just loved this kid. A highly defensive standout SS, the problem, he suffers from big eye syndrome. Has good splits and some pop with the bat, he recognizes the pitch early, but because of the medical affliction, has to close his eyes, swing and hope.

Seattle Rain Drops
Grade A: Justin Trammell-3B: A little weak for 3B defensively, so RF looks like a definite possibility. Not powerful with the bat but can get on base a lot.
Grade A: Harry Dickey-CF: Defensively, not a CF and could do better at 3B than Trammell, but likely to play 2B. Hitting wise, he is a monster even in Seattle.
Grade A: Nick Woodward-SP: The biggest knock on this kid is his lack of out pitch definition. His FB pitching ability leaves many clubs looking elsewhere.