Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A 16 Day Look Around the Minors Day 7

The power rankings was enough to drive one bonkers, the scouts were even scratching and shaking their heads on that one. So they went back to what they supposedly do best, drink..errr..check for talent.

Texas Chili
Grade A: Darren Dunham-RF: Eye, Contact, Power, Good splits, my oh my what a hitter. Too bad his glove is kind of weak, I am drooling to have him on my team playing 1B.
Grade A: Taylor Henderson-SP: ML ready at a young age, but maybe the minors is good place for him this season. Too bad he doesn't come with a 4th pitch.
Grade A: Stan Oquist-2B: Not real sure he has the defensive skills for 2B, but is sure a COF, and what a future hitter to be.

Syracuse Symbiotes
Grade B: Ricardo Colome-C: A defensive PC catcher, not outstanding at the plate but very capable.
Grade A: Jared Pearson-Closer: Has a ways to go, but getting there fast. Could be a very nice closer or setup guy.
Grade B: Danny Hines-2B: Just barely makes the grade defensively. Not a power guy but will be good with the bat in his hands. Health concerns keeps his prospectus at a B.