Saturday, December 13, 2008

Analyze Time

It is that time of the season to do an in depth study of your teams. I don't mean just look at the standings and say "Yup, we are good" or "We suck!". It is time to look at every player and look at the available statistics to see where the team needs to improve because it is getting close to call up time. Maybe you want to look at a young player and see if he might help next year. Maybe something to put on your shopping list for next season. Maybe try something different.

I was kind of appalled at what I found in all reality. I mean really, something has changed that I can't figure out. It holds steady throughout my teams, and that is the lack of player betterment. I thought maybe it was the coaches, so I checked them out, I don't think they are bad enough to justify saying they were the problem. Sure isn't playing time or playing out of position either. I looked and it has been a struggle for a player to get a 1 point bump even anywhere, not saying they are all that way, but for the most part yes. 16M in training isn't bad enough to cause it either. Yeah, some of them have some low makeup, but the ones with high makeup aren't getting anywhere fast either. Do they need promotions? Well, that part will come at the end of the season, but I doubt that is the problem either. If I promoted players, I would have a mess on my hands. It will probably be messy this year anyway as there will be quite a few saying "bye-bye" one way or another.

I never paid all that much attention to the minors, except to make sure my pitching was in good shape after every game and a check every now and then to make sure no one was in fatigue at any position. I checked the standings to see how bad they were, lo and behold, it is possible they are all playoff bound. With about 20 games to go, most only need to win about 10 games to wrap up a playoff spot. The Rookie team, although above .500 needs to make up five games, I kind of think that could be tough but not impossible. But whatever happens there will happen. I was overjoyed with that overall, which means the players are probably playing to the best of their ability (above probably) and the coaching isn't the problem. So I am not sure what to make of all that so far.

What I am concerned about is the hitting of my ML team. I can't win because they can't hit. I have the best overall defensive team period, so I don't give up much there. Maybe not in plus plays made with 17, but only 4 minus plays which goes a long way. And one of the best catching tandems in the league with only 5 passed balls and no one tries to steal much against me either. Overall the pitching is one of the top 5 in the league also, but that is a little deceiving as I have a little problem in the pen but not really serious. It is the blown saves that hurt, but it is mainly due to the lack of hitting.

It is the hitting that I just can't get figured out period and it has been that way for two seasons. I thought maybe they aren't attuned to the stadium, but it is almost neutral. I looked through the schedule to see where they played their best. Not as easy as that looks either, but it boiled down to a full neutral to a +1 stadium. So the stadium is not the problem. I have moved them around in the lineup to no avail also. So I looked at the players themselves to see what I think they should do and what they are not doing.

Cyrus Neal - LF - Likes leading off and has a good bat and speed. He has always tailed off at the end of a season, so I am waiting for him to 15 home runs is more than I expect.
Bo Holdridge - 1B - I really expect him to hit better than he does especially long balls. Very disappointed.
Guy Brown - RF - Speaking of appalling hitting, this guy is number 1 on my list and no clue as to why.
Bobby Ray McCormick - IF/OF - Actually hits about where he should.
Eric Trujillo - COF/1B - I think he should hit better than he does. Very disappointed.
Troy Thomas - CF - Will never be a prolific hitter of any kind, but should be 10 to 20 points better.
Hipolito Bennett - SS - Hits about right.
Theo Beimel - SS - Hits about right, I don't expect much form the SS position as I like defense above all in the position.
Julio Romero - 2B - I Actually expect more but just not getting it. Disappointed also.
Elmer Leach and Ben Fox were both called up recently to try and ignite the team. Fox has been disappointing for the most part where Elmer has done a great job. But since being called up, they have hit 10 home runs between them, 7 more than the rest of the team in the last 40 games and they have only been in the lineup for less than 20.
Aaron Denham and Alan Lambert both a great defensively and their PC is outstanding also. Their hitting should be a little better than I am getting though.