Saturday, November 29, 2008

Season 6 Power Rankings #2

We are halfway through the season, it is time once again to see how the teams are stacking up with their play on the field. It has been an interesting season so far and I imagine that it will start getting very chippy after the All-Star break.


1. Nashville Hillbillies (53-29) (14:+3) The best team with their play on the field, but not in the standings.
2. Toronto FivTs (58-24) (18:+16) The best team in the standings and figured out how to improve the problems.
3. Boston Liberty (54-28) (32:+14) Drastically improved the fundamentals and leads the East.
4. Boise SpudPeddlers (53-29) (38:+6) Can't hit well at home and a minor pitching problem on the road but still improving and not letting Toronto run away.
5. Charleston RiverDogs (50-32) (41:+15) Figured out what most of the problems were but still has a problem hitting on the road.
6. Las Vegas Cat House (45-37) (47:-5) Just can't find the right hitting combo at home.
7. Austin Black Socks (48-34) (57:+8) Pitching still eludes them.
8. Charlotte Tar Heels (43-39) (60:-6) Home hitting and pitching needs to improve.
9. Richmond Cavaliers (36-46) (63:+5) Improved but not enough.
10. Scottsdale Spades (33-49) (65:-7) Pitching trouble abounds.
11. Oakland Oaks (39-43) (66:-7) Needs hitting help.
12. Vancouver Primetimers (43-39) (76:-6) Overall they hit well, deep down it is the power numbers that keep them afloat as they lead the league in doubles and triples.
13. Pittsburgh Punks (24-58) (87:-20) They still hit well, but pitching has quit.
14. Seattle Rain Drops (32-50) (91:-2) Hitting is the biggest problem.
15. Little Rock Patriots (29-53) (96:+4) Slow improvement is a good sign.
16. Pawtucket Whalers (23-59) (101:-20) Seems the team quit playing.

1. Florida Storm (46-36) (26:-2) If they could just hit better at home.
2. Helena Ice Doggs (43-39) (40:+10) Hitting is coming around.
3. Milwaukee Cervezeros (45-37) (41:0) Pitching staff has the penchant for giving up the long ball and home hitting is not so hot.
4. New York Dragons (33-49) (43:-1) The Dragons play well on the field in all aspects except home hitting. The answer to the problem is in the minors, but they just aren't ready. Could set record for worst record allowing the fewest runs and out scoring the opponents making the EXP PCT theorem look bad.
5. Augusta A's (46-36) (45:+9) Home is not friendly.
6. Atlanta Southern Boys (44-38) (46:+1) Doesn't hit well at home and fielding is a problem.
7. Honolulu Warriors (49-33) (48:+6) Home is also not friendly to the hitting but that is expected.
8. Monterrey Rayados (48-34) (50:+6) Hitting helps at home as pitching is not so hot there on the road is just the opposite.
9. Syracuse Symbiots (45-37) (54:-16) Just can't get it done on the road which is odd for this team in my opinion.
10. Cheyenne Sandors (47-35) (62:-9) It shows that hitting on the road is the biggest problem, but pitching finds a way to lose at home.
11. Chicago FrozenKoreans (42-40) (65:-5) Where oh where has my pitching staff gone.
12. Philadelphia Fighting Quakers (35-47) (81:+4) Speaking of pitching?
13. Washington D.C. Senators (36-46) (81:-2) Things just happen.
14. Texas Chili (40-42) (83:-5) Do we have to play on the road?
15. Santa Cruz Pumas (26-56) (95:-3) We are actually improving.
16. Toledo Mud Hens (24-58) (97:-2) Help is on the way, just not this season.