Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ouch!! That Hurts

Adam Ramirez with one of the most expensive contracts in this world is out for the season after a line drive bounced off his wrist. He said "The arm went numb and I couldn't move my wrist like it was broken." Atlanta specialists have determined that surgery is out of the question for this type of injury. They have noted the injury will heal somewhat with specialized rehab in time but will always be painful at times and may get progressively worse with age. Treatment is varied and most are against league drug policies.

His career with Augusta has helped the team to the playoffs the last two seasons, the last resulting in a World Series appearance. Was voted to the All-Star team in season 5 and won the Silver Slugger award for 2B in season 6. His play will be sorely missed by his team mates.

He originally started his very promising career with the Columbus franchise while it was in New York. As his former GM, I expected him to have debilitating injuries throughout his career, but nothing so severe as this. It was one the reason he was not resigned with the club with a long term contract and we didn't see eye-to-eye in negotiations.