Sunday, February 1, 2009

Preseason Rankings

Time for the immortal words "BATTER UP!!" and "PLAY BALL!!!. So lets see how I guestimate things will go this season. Of course things can dramatically change during the season but one must start somewhere.

NL North
Augusta A's
Milwaukee Cervezeros
Chicago FrozenKoreans
Toledo Mud Hens

Augusta and Milwaukee will be battling it out all season. Chicago and the vastly improved Toledo squad will fight for 3rd.

NL East
Syracuse Symbiotes
Philadelphia Fighting Quakers
Columbus Dragons
Washington D.C. Senators

Syracuse should repeat once again but the Quakers have other plans. Columbus may have the offense fixed in their new stadium but it didn't show up in ST. The Senators are getting politically correct but are a few lobbyists away.

NL South

Florida Storm
Monterrey Rayados
Houston Not So Nice
Atlanta Southern Boys

This division may not be decided till the last day of the season as all four competitors are raring to do battle.

NL West
Honolulu Warriors
Cheyenne Sandors
Arizona High Heat
Oakland Seals

The top three will fight it out in dramatic fashion again this year.

If we are going to guess, then this is how I see things ending.
#1 Seed: Augusta A's
#2 Seed: Honolulu Warriors
#3 Seed: Syracuse Symbiotes
#4 Seed: Monterrey Rayados
#5 Seed: Milwaukee Cervezeros
#6 Seed: Cheyenne Sandors

AL North
Minnesota Mudcats
Toronto FivTs
Seattle Rain Drops
Pittsburgh , The Fish That Saved

Yes, the Mudcats flexes its whiskers and pushes the FivTs aside followed closely by Seattle. Watch out for Pittsburgh though they are vastly improved and will surprise a few.

AL East
Louisville Whalers
Boston Liberty
Richmond Cavaliers
New Britain Lobsterbacks

That is right, the Whalers are projected to be there in the end but don't count Boston and Richmond out. New Britain is getting better but not ready yet.

AL South
Nashville Hillbillies
Charleston RiverDogs
Austin Black Socks
Little Rock Patriots

A repeat of last year? There is nothing to say otherwise.

AL West
Las Vegas Aces
Vancouver Primetimers
Anaheim Baja Racers
Santa Cruz Slugs

Such a race shaping up between the Aces and Primetimers. Anaheim will be close if things go well and Santa Cruz will Slug it out.

#1 Seed: Nashville Hillbillies
#2 Seed: Minnesota Mudcats
#3 Seed: Las Vegas Aces
#4 Seed: Louisville Whalers
#5 Seed: Toronto FivTs
#6 Seed: Charleston RiverDogs